News ... Happy Veteran's Day! ... Our thanks to all who have served, and our Prayers to those who still are!
* Riley had solid food for the first time today!... well, it was really soupy - but it wasn't just milk!
* Fallujah : 2 Cobras shot down ... no KIAs! ... more: Phase 2 of invasion now in effect ... also wounded GIs 'pouring into' hospitals ... and insurgents attempting to fight back ... in Fallujah and elsewhere
* Why not help out troops out? ... spare some change ...
* Bush on Arafat's situation ... could be an "Opening For Peace" ... UPDATE : Arafat is dead ... and some thoughts here ... not quite complimentary! ... and a less hostile summary here
* WTO rules against US Internet-gambling ban ... US appealing
* Halo2 set $ records ... $125M in first 24 hours ... and everyone should check out REDvsBLUE!
* The Thirsty Dragon ... some thoughts on China's massive increase in Petroleum consumption
* Fed issues warning about budget gap
* BBC axing 50%!
* Stern wants out now ... I don't personally care if he stays for another ~1.5 years or goes now, but I do wish he would shut up about it!
* NTSB to require Black Boxes in ALL US AUTOS

* SCRAMJET to reach MACH10
* Birth Control Shot for men
* Teacher used $, pot and booze to seduce 3 students
* How to make a few Linux Toys!
* Thoughts on Mozilla ... the little browser that could ...
* Arctic thaw to provide vast Petroleum reserves?
* Mars is undergoing Global Warming?
* Celebrating W's re-election? You are not alone! ... don't believe the left!
* More thoughts on Bofra ... worms bad ... WinXPsp2 not affected (hint, hint)
* Some thoughts on being Conservative ... NOT to be confused with being Republican!
* Uranus has clouds
* PeopleSoft still fighting Oracle bid
* Speculation on Rehnquist replacement
* Solar Sail ... ready to set sail?
* Protecting your network ... introductory-level (animated) guide to securing your home wireless network
* EDS delays results ... for the third time
* Minnelli being sued ... aide was "forced to bed her"
* Watch+Remote Control?
* Don't believe the 'election fraud' hype ... not what the buzz wants you to believe ... and more here ... and Coulter adds her (always amusing) commentary to this issue
* Intel doubles dividend ... to "a whopping quarterly dividend of 8 cents per share"
* Eject 12 states form the Union? ... certainly an interesting read, however a bit extreme (and even more unlikely)
* MSN Search released upon the world
* Results from Spitzer Space Telescope
* WinAmp dead ... no more Llamas being beaten
* Moore beginning to make F9/11.5 ... still a big loser ... and a liar ... and he hates America :) ... also, let's see what the Mother of a killed a Marine says about Moore ... "You don't speak for me"
* Some thoughts on immigration, amnesty, etc.
* Loony Rightists?
* More on Specter ... and more why he shouldn't be allowed to chair the SJC ... and another site dedicated to the Specter issue ... some pro, some against ... unlike Not Specter , which (amazingly!) is all against :) ... and they mention that Planned Parenthood is endorsing Specter, take that for what it is worth to you
* Multiple forms of BSE/Mad Cow?
* European spacecraft to orbit the moon
* Shell opens hydrogen (and gasoline) filling station

* C# Compiler Warnings
* US to send 30k Mall Security Guards to Iraq
* Democrats focusing on how to lose in 2008
* PLO not able to get Halo2
* McAuliffe : We've got momentum
* Republicans Call Alec Baldwin's Bluff, Vote Him Out Of US
* Elf Only Inn : What Role-Playing is all about

PS - I (still) have more Gmail invites available!
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PPPS- My thoughts on Bush, part 2

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