... and after an extended break, I am back! w00t!
... and the Redskins still SUCK!

* Sober.I is big and bad ... and you can get the removal tool here
* NBA suspensions galore ... act like a thug, get treated like one ...
* UN Staff vote "no confidence" in the UN leadership ... and I wholeheartedly agree! ... now, if only it meant they would actually fix the problems ...
* Iran going Nuclear, but in the right way? ... "Iran's government still needs to do a lot to allay fears that it is secretly trying to build nuclear weapons"
* More on Video Games vs Movies, and most importantly - Halo2 ... by the way, I have and it it is SWEET! Dual-wield weapons, etc. and the opportunity to play a Covenant ...
* Be thankful for Chirac?
* One hunter kills 5 others ... dispute over deer stand ... condolences to the friends and family of those 5
* Burning Cross in NY ... "how could this happen in the 21st century?"
* Possible Mad Cow-related death in US?
* Plague of Locusts swarm Israel
* Govt abuse of power thwarted ... provision that would permit Congress Committee Chairmen to view everyone 401k's detected & deleted, McCain - "If there is ever a graphic example of the broken system that we now have, that certainly has to be it ... How many other provisions didn't we find in that 1,000-page bill?"
* PeopleSoft investors back Oracle buyout
* USSC says no to Felon voting ... thank goodness!
* Some thoughts on BearingPoint's CEO quitting ... bye Rand!
*Speculation: Lieberman to take the reigns of DHS?

* Old ICANN vs New ICANN ... and the future of the internet? ... and ICANN's .PDF document
* More on the Kuiper belt and Oort Cloud ... planet(oids?) galore!
* Mehlman tapped as head of RNC
* GiFi? ... Gigabit wireless, NICE!
* Some thoughts on the flat panel TV war
* Sadly, Specter has won his Chairmanship
* AdServer Falk broadcasting Bofra? ... and more here
* Intel & nVidia in bed ... finally, Intel based MoBos can have nForce!
* 3 more years of tax-free Internet ... and remember, the FCC has ruled against the taxing of VoIP :)
* Nanotubes getting cheaper!
* Grand Canyon Flooding ... and we are doing it, intentionally :)
* Magnetic bubbles to protect spacefarers from cosmic rays?
* Better than Google? ... and more on how bloggers are breaking Google :P
* 2004 Election was not a religious crusade ... "The truth is that although religious values played a role in the election, so did the war in Iraq, the threat of terrorism, the condition of the economy and the integrity of the two candidates. There is not a shred of evidence that the winning candidate waged a moral crusade. Neither abortion nor school prayer was a campaign issue. President Bush and John Kerry agreed in their opposition to gay marriage."

* heauegerkergerk - new RvB!
* New OOTS! ... prepare for the adventurers! ... and don't forget to go back and read last weeks!
* Today's Dilbert ... "because you are here"
* Bush appoints self to Cabinet-level position
* Oprah loses 20,000th pound!
* Bush outsources the State Dept
* Republicans call for Privatization of Elections
* Georgia no longer teaching the Law of Gravity
* Blue-States cancel secession plans
*True: Some thoughts on how making Porn is legal

PS - I (still) have more Gmail invites available!
(everyone should have an account ... come on, my 5 month old daughter already has one! And, you can use it as storage space! ... Catch up!)
PPS - If you haven't, you should try out StumbleUpon! ... its free, and is an interesting concept - "interest-based" browsing. My handle is trejrco.
PPPS- My thoughts on Bush, part 2

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