News ... Happy Thanksgiving!(just a day early)
* Cali school bans the Declaration of Independence ... another example of one thing that is wrong with this great country, and of something that should be forcibly changed
* Iraq: More on the Us+Iraqi cleansing south of Baghdad ... reclaiming another formerly-insurgent-controlled area
* Iraq: Captured intelligence 'windfall'
* New al-Zarqawi tape
* N. Korea - unethical experiments on prisoners ... 1970 - 2002
* India & Pakistan ... peace?
* Ukraine election still under protest
* Friedman leaving as well ... the soon-to-be former chairman of the Natl Economic Council
* Pork continues ... politics remain consistently bad! At what point will Conservative fiscal policies take hold? ... and more on PORK ... and a money quote from McCain!
* Iran not out of the nuclear game yet?
* Mexican mob kills two federal agents
* Dollar reaches new low ... major sell-off, in trade for Euro ... cause for concern, or making it easier to sell out stuff overseas?
* Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
* NAACP to lose tax exempt status? ... about time; break the rules pay the price!
* Illinois state capitol collapsing ... well, not quite - but it was evacuated

* Some thoughts on huge sand dunes
* Cross-Platform java-based bug ... worm coming? ... and you can update your Java version here ... and more on the vuln here
* Cisco losing ground to Juniper?
* More thoughts on media bias ... and public misconceptions ... and Bush's mandate
* Cingular cans 7k ... and HP's next round(s) of layoff to cost them $200M
* Has your cel phone exploded yet?
* Yahoo as your corporate email provider ... seriously
* Satellite TV in your back seat
* DIY fingerprinting idea to thwart ID theft? ... smart! (in UK, but still cool)
* Taking a census ... of the ocean ... 13k species found in the last year alone!
* Palm slider-phone
* ATI launches mobile PCI express GPUs
* MS offering tweaked Win* ... you just need to be buying LOTS of systems?
* More thoughts on what happens when people get stuff get stuff for free ... like socialized medicine :)
* Intel quietly caves to AMD's 64bit extensions
* Dell will (finally) embrace AMD ... when AMD beats Intel to market with Dual-Core CPUs (and with some help from MS :P )
* Introducing the iPod Ghetto Blaster ... gotta admit, they keep adding cool gadgets to them! ... and I haven't heard the phrase Ghetto Blaster in YEARS!
* Speaking of HUGE Black Holes ... ok, so we weren't talking about them yet - but maybe we should! :)
* Misc USB gadgets ... cool!

* True?: Have any (ahem) warm thoughts for Fidel?
* SBVFT still hounding Kerry
* Bush kills turkey, pardons Delay
* Baby: 'Water Park' not for human use
* White House responds to those suffering from not enough painkiller
* Bush:Artest out of running for cabinet position ... atleast until the end of the season, right? :)
* The 'Washington Nationals' just doesn't cut it

PS - I (still) have more Gmail invites available!
(everyone should have an account ... come on, my 5 month old daughter already has one! And, you can use it as storage space! ... Catch up!)
PPS - If you haven't, you should try out StumbleUpon! ... its free, and is an interesting concept - "interest-based" browsing. My handle is trejrco.
PPPS- My thoughts on Bush, part 2

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