Now that the election is over (I know, officially OH is still counting - but Kerry has conceded and the odds are so very slim on Kerry pulling this one out) ... Some post-election thoughts, on the election:
Thank You Michael Moore, George Soros, MoveOn, Bruce Springstein, Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kucher, Al Franken, Dixie Chicks, Terry McAuliffe, Dan Rather, P Diddy, Eminem, et al - you have truly motivated the Conservative base. I will admit that as recently as (just over) a year ago I was only partially informed on the issues - sure, I knew what the issues were and knew the surface of the candidates' stances ... but I could not hold more than a lightweight conversation on the topics and was much more reserved in sharing these thoughts. It was seeing the radical left's attacks that made me both investigate the reasons for my beliefs and (eventually) made me feel the need to share these with others. During the investigative process, I found very little that made me reconsider my beliefs - but lots that confirmed that I had made the right (no pun intended) choice(s). With Bush almost assuredly re-elected I hope that my conclusions prove true and that Bush can live up to my(our) expectations.

I would also like to thank John Kerry - first, for conceding in a relatively timely fashion ... he could have officially drawn this out to be long and painful but instead did the honorable thing. Secondly, for not being more politically adept / not being more willing to make a resolute decision; otherwise I think he would have been able to pull this off ... our country would have survived, but IMHO he had the wrong answers, at the wrong time, for the wrong country :).

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