I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $6,084,594.50 to date!

On a happier note - New Years' Party, My Place, start @ 18:30'ish ... to anyone I don't 'see' before then, Happy New Year!

* Earthquake: Drudge:400k dead in Indonesia alone! ... as if the official count of 120k wasn't bad enough! ... which is, sadly, outdone by India - Red Cross : "death toll from INDIA ALONE could reach 1 MILLION" ... beyond staggering, beyond words ...
* Red Cross website overwhelmed by donations ... go through 3rd parties, like Amazon (they are used to high traffic volumes :) )
* Red Cross : "US citizens have donated $18M so far"
* India also gets hit by a volcano eruption
* Again, the US is being criticized for trying to help ... damned if you do, damned if you don't ... and given what the UN did in in Oil-for-Food and in the Congo-Sex fiascoes perhaps we are wise NOT to go through them ... ?
* Beware 'shady' charities ... do what I did, donate to the ARC! (New 'Pay Box' to the right :) ) ... so very sad, but not surprising, that some would seek to do something like this
* 'Cabir' variants spreading in the wild ... infects Symbian OS devices
* A few thoughts on Saddam's legal team ... and more here
* New Jobless Claims down (again) ... economy getting better and better ...
* Iraq: Entire Mosul Election Board resigns? ... (12/31)UPDATE:Some reports are saying only 2 people quit, and that a Al-Jazeera was just a little hype-alicious.
* Rossi's last stand ... a request that will, of course, be denied as the Dem 'win' Washington State Governor-ship ... and again, by 'win' I mean more-than-likely-steal :) ... I like the way GOPBloggers put it - "Rossi should stop fighting for this election—but that he should not concede"
* 1000s of Iraqis finish training
* The option of 'moving' to US has kept the people of Mexico from revolting?
* Anna Nicole Smith -$88.5M ... judge reverses ruling ... sweet
* Canadian Beef, Mad Cow, and imports

* Walmart vs Unions ... and a hypothetical (for now) scenario for you
* OnLine time cuts into real-life time ... duh!
* Python saves twins ... Python the snake, not the language :)
* NetCraft releases 'Anti-Phishing Toolbar'
* New & Improved SETI
* DoD testing semi-active RFID
* Truth, Patton, and the Iraqi death toll ... read article for the connection :)
* NY - no place to run a business in/from? ... "exorbitant state and local taxes, undue regulation, outrageous energy costs, a hostile legal system"
* The Google Home Appliance?
* New worm - Phel - targets WinXP ... including sp2!
* Ann Coulter's review of 2004
* More ID vs Darwinism
* Comair redux
* Increasing Minimum wage = increased unemployment ... yes, it's true. Who agrees - how about Bill Clinton? (but don't hold that against me :P )

* New OOTS! ... I didn't know Gatewood was a halfling thief-barbarian ...
* Drew Carey - murderer
* Gift card used to purchase better gift card
* RIAA sues Santa, Children ... funny, or sad-but-true?
* Archaeologists find ancient race of skeleton people
* Al-Qaeda.com Bowl Seeks to Soften Image
* Least Popular Baby Names of 2004
* Nine in ten Satanists considered "creepy"

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Raven the Pagan said...

Nice blog dude. The Santa story is a killer. LMAO Raven

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to read & comment on my blog. I agree with you..having a young face is better than looking mature for one's age! Loved the link on the least popular baby names. Made me laugh like crazy. ;)