5am is simply too early to be @ work on a Saturday ...

* Woman charged in the stolen-fetus/murder case ... UPDATE: She was tracked via computer? ... go, forensics, go!
* N.Korea could test long-range missile any time
* Russia getting tough on terror?
* S.Africa attacks US over AIDS ... "accusing them of treating Africans like 'guinea pigs'" ... OK, fine - why don't we quit trying to help? Damned when we do, Damned when we don't ...
* Christmas tree ban reversed
* Cool building in Brazil ... every floor(which is one 3000sq' apartment!) rotates, independently of the others
* Cuba erects billboards with swastikas on it to object to US displaying a Christmas decorations ... "the Cuban government does not allow a single word of dissent in its media, jails those who dare espouse different ideas and has not allowed (anyone) to visit Cuban political prisoners since the late 1980s" ... and they are calling us Nazi's??
* Russia rejects US order barring Yukos fire-sale ... I am not sure why we (the US) thought we had any authority in this case? (Although it looks like some banks are following our order and may screw up Yukos' action anyway)
* US not alone in sitting out Kyoto ... which is good, because it is "fatally flawed"
* Some Senators defend Rumsfeld ... while some are headhunting. IMHO, he should stay on-board AT THE VERY LEAST until after the Iraqi elections. After that we can (re?)review his employment
* Pliable Solar Cells
* Boycott WalMart? ... and the article uses the word 'schadenfreude' so it has got to be good
* ACLU = bad, again ... violating rights of their own donors :)

* A Biblical Perspective on War (contd) - part1 ... part2 ... part3 ... part4 ... part5
* In-Flight broadband approved
* Cisco invests $12M in Japan R&D center
* US cancels Iraq's $4B+ debt
* Google Suggest, dissected
* This town JUST NOW getting telephones ... "now the 19th century is catching up" ... I doubt DSL is an option, or a priority!
* Wanna make a TelePrompter?
* IBM's BladeCenter spec
* Parts for my humidifier ... this is really just for my future reference, sorry to take up your screen space!

* Read the title ... too early to be funny; time to drive back home and go to sleep ...
* OK, it is a little later now, so enjoy:

* Kerik's letter of resignation ... found via HigherPie

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