Another Day, Another _____

* Tanker Truck makes big fire in DC ... kills 1 (driver, grievances to his family & friends), messes up traffic ... HOV restrictions on 66 lifted
* Excess weight, even if you are fit, takes years off of your life ... fat people like me need to get some exercise (i.e. - step away from the keyboard) ... 2x the danger for women
* Iraq: U.S. military investigates deadly Mosul blast ... and death toll lowered ... now say that 14 soldiers, four U.S. contractors and four Iraqi security personnel were killed ... Another 72 people were wounded, including 51 soldiers ... our grievances & prayers to the family, friends, brothers in arms of those wounded or killed ... and Mosul is in lock-down ... after yesterday's suicide attack
* Economy exceeds expectations ... and even faster in 'Red States' ... and Stock Market up, and going higher?
Stocks Up More, Oil down a bit ... and
* Fort Bragg - "sensitive item" missing
* Big Snow Storm ... "up to a foot of snow was possible in parts of Indiana and Ohio" ... and here's the map
* Russia-China alliance to pick up Yukos' assets?
* eBay-India's chief arrested, released in porn mixup ... more importantly, India is planning on implementing a DMCA-based law ... so atleast the US won't be the only country under such a ridiculous, odious law!
* Iraq: US Contractor pulls out ... "We reached a point where our costs were getting to be prohibitive," said Karim Camel-Toueg, president of Arlington, Va.-based Contrack, which had won a $325-million award to rebuild Iraq's shattered transportation system."
* Belfast bank heist nets $39M ... not too shabby! ... update: it was $42M, and will be nearly impossible to spend ... "fundamentally useless"
* Child Porn Bust in UK has resulted in 32 suicides! ... A total of 3,729 of the men on the list have now been arrested. Of these, around 1,600 have been charged and a further 1,200 convicted
* Diet Soda catching up to regular? ... my conversion to diet alone probably affected this count :)
* Fannie Mae -2 Execs ... CEO, CFO ousted. KPMG got cut as well!
* Dems officially steal Washington-state election, by 8 votes? ... last hope for (GOP) Rossi - "King County elections officials said Berendt's victory claim was premature and that the data the parties are seeing hasn't been reconciled" ... and more here
* Site of (one of) Jesus' miracles found?
* Pope JP2 to make Sainthood easier ... I am not Catholic, but is it really a good idea to drastically change the church's long-standing traditions in an attempt to serve as a "much needed example"?
* Canada population decrease? ... not yet, but soon ...
* Last Democrat leaving the party, please turn off the lights

* Malkin, on the persecution of Christians around the world ... includes some related links, like: Voice of the Martyrs, International Christian Concern, Montagnard Foundation, WorldnetDaily
* A Marine's father speaks, regarding the Military Condolence process ... "A simple peek thru(sic) the view hole in the door and the sight of dress blue blouses, white covers and white gloves tells you all you ever need to know" ... "Bottom line, we support Sec Rumsfeld. The people who are making a big deal about this have their heads up their collective a****"
* Atheists, PC gone wrong and Christmas ... "Christmas is a part of this country, as evidenced by it being a national holiday. Teaching what it is about, who it is about is NOT establishing a religion - it IS teaching history. Singing a carol, is NOT establishing a religion, it IS singing a song; nothing more." ... I couldn't have said it better myself! ... speaking of religion - it is officially "big news on the net"
* Creative Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA Sound Card! ... wow, get good sound from your laptop ... looks nice!
* More on Social Security ... "if the liberal establishment is so sure that reforming Social Security with personal accounts is such a terrible idea, then why do they have to lie about it?" ... found via Blogs4Bush
* N. Korea, 'only country on earth' free of AIDS ... and they deport anyone infected!
* Santy Worm defacing sites ... php vuln, uses Google to find victims, 1000s already defaced ... hey, I just found one that has been hit - glumbert.com ... Oh, do a google search for "This site is defaced!!!" ... HAHAHHA - Uh, I mean, so sad ... UPDATE: Google blocking Santy
* THG stress-test
* Theoretical review of a terrorist attack on a LNG tanker
* Russia test fires their heaviest ICBM ... the "SS-18 Satan"
* Self-Heating Coffee!
* Nanotech in space
* Botnet sued for something other than Spamming! ... cheating in 'Outwar', used Randex worm
* Recent Galactic Births ... and more here
* WD makes faster, cooler, lower-power-consumption, higher-capacity 'Caviar' HDDs
* Some states are growing (too?) fast ... "scrambling to update comprehensive plans and fix zoning ordinances"
* Some thoughts on Blogging ... from Mark Dery
* Va is not a 'battleground state' ... too many of us are still sane, logical and Conservative :)
* Did you know we have a " American Association of Suicidology" ... more tax $ wasted ...
* Thoughts on Pardons? IMHO - Pardons, Presidential or otherwise, should be avoided at almost all costs. If they were convicted by a jury they should face the punishment imposed by said jury (or by the judge).
* Counter the LIE-brary ... HAHAHHA, not too found of Clinton :) ... found via RebelRouser
* The 3rd Annual Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States: The 2004 Edition
* Decentralized Torrent? ... MPAA frowns
* Mars still Volcanic?
* More thoughts on Merry Christmas ... "If a tribe of Aqualishes wants to boil rhino horns in frog saliva on the National Mall to honor their deity, we'd have a commemorative postage stamp ready by next December. But let a Christian mention the baby Jesus to a kindergarten class and the ACLU wants an exorcism"
* Baby Killer Whale born @ Sea World
* SCO losing battle vs World? ... Q4 revenue takes a hit
* Forget 1GB email, how about 1TB? ... yes that is TB, as in Terabyte, as in 1000GB, or 1000000MB ... or 25x my current HDD :)
* Some Dems still whining about losing to Bush? ... that is soo last month, PWL adds (agreeing with Kos) "a Kerry presidency would've been an unmitigated disaster, with a hostile congress, budget woes, the mess in Iraq, etc."
* Hillary votes like an extreme liberal ... don't buy the transformation act
* Coulter, on the de-Christianization of the US ... "Happy Giving Tree Festival To All"

* Weed delivery saves Christmas
* Reindeer games turn ugly
* United States withdraws from special Olympics
* Invite MS to Gmail?
* Post-Melodramatic Stress Disorder
* Baby: Cute Girl an attractive nuisance
* Drinking & Driving School ... two great tastes, that taste great together(TM)
* Santa, beneath the suit
* Man made of money ... and Christmas shopping
* Santa dies in a shoot-out
* Stonehenge: Winter Solstice 2004 was Officially Least Nude In History
* Miss Tajikistan ready for Miss World Pageant 2005
* 10 more reasons to hate Rumsfeld ... uses speed dial

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