Day of Person of the Year 2004

* Bush named Person of the Year ... about TIME. Get it, 'TIME'? Semi-related note : TIME named PowerLine "Blog of the Year". Congratulations to GWB & PWL!
* Iraq: Funeral Procession hit by multiple car-bombs, 60 killed ... additional prayers and grievances to those killed/wounded ... this shows a lot about the nature of our enemy ... other terrorist acts noted as well
* 20 year old needs new liver in UK ... has been a binge drinker for ~8 years (since she was 12!)
* Snow : Budget cuts coming
* "NASA hacker" = sentenced, 6months
* Joking about your plane being hijacked ... I'm thinking that is kinda' a dumb idea, and in poor taste ... those wacky Australians
* Road disappears into the ground in FLA ... sinkhole! ... 20 homes evac'ed
* Small plane strikes radio tower in Cali ... two dead ... no other details
* Iowa judge awards $1B ... yes, B - as in Billion. However, "Kramer is unlikely to ever collect the large judgment" ...
* 70 care pile-up in Ohio

* Thoughts on the Dollar, from an Engineer ... excellent, and amusing, read
* AMEX : $120M 'charge', 2k RIFed
* Big .Torrent sites go dark ... thanks to MPAA?
* Forward Looking : Rights for Computers?
* LCD quality catching up with CRT? ... think "Color calibration"
* Babs says their is no liberal media bias ... and why she is a liar
* Some interesting thoughts on the "separation of church & state"
* Sweden has some legal problems too ... atleast it isn't just the US. Still sad when things like this happen - "protestant pastor was arrested and sentenced to 30 days in jail"
* Arnold shoots self in foot ... figuratively speaking, that is ... will NEVER be President now ...
* Mystery jumper from NY State Bldg ... 3 weeks ago, no ID ...
* Unfashionable facts about the Middle East
* Daring Vision? Crackpot Aviation? You decide!
* "Traffic Experiments"

* True: Email Roulette ... "he finest form of email entertainment to hit the net since spam" ... ?
* Boring family secret
* Failed missile defense rocket wins Presidential Medal of Freedom ... now that is just wrong! Funny, but wrong.
* Will Satellite Radio destroy Howard Stern?
* Verizon Wireless not heard anymore - found dead
* United Nations to be De-Kofi-nated ... if only that wasn't a joke!
* Baby: Men(?) in box
* US to consult Saddam for tips on disposal of nerve agent
* Holy Sheet?
* BBSpot Blooper : Cats in mixed drinks?
* ShutUpEd reviews Ketchup

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