* Monster Earthquake ... 8.9, largest in 40 years, 6300+ killed, 100k+ displaced, tsunamis, ... grievances to all those killed and prayers family & friends of them, as well as for those 'displaced' ... found via Drudge ... and more here ... talks about 500k+ displaced! ... and this says 1M displaced! ... details still coming in / developing ... news just said 11k now dead, and Thailand's crown-prince is reportedly missing ... UPDATE: Upgraded to 9.0! ... per news - "5th strongest since 1900" and "equivalent to 30 billion tons of TNT" ... and death toll up to 11.5k now
* Iraq: Senior Police Officer killed ... more terrorist action, grievances to his family & friends
* Reggie White is dead at 43 ... heart-attack ... condolences ...
* Marxist rebels kidnap 10 in Columbia ... prayers for a safe outcome ...

* Yushchenko wins re-vote! ... based on preliminary info, that is ...
* Comair trying to recover ... after ROYALLY screwing up, US Air blames large #'s of sick-calls on their luggage SNAFU ... some people saying "Christmas was ruined"! ... and "Paratrooper's" thoughts here ... good ideas :)
* What's next for Google?
* IBM:100TB tape?
* NES emulator ... and speaking of NES, check out the NES over-clocking guide ... :)
* Gay penguins?
* Some thoughts on Va's upcoming gubernatorial races
* Bad week for Pennsylvanian Democrats? ... found via VA Conservative :)
* Interesting sounding book - Google Hacking for Penetration Testers
* Some thoughts on our Founding Fathers
* Some Christmas miracles ... from Michelle Malkin, "An airman home on leave from basic training jumped into the frigid water of the Arkansas River to save a mother and her 2-year-old son after their car lost control and crashed" and others
* I highly recommend Radiators-dot-com ... they same OEM radiator as AutoZone & Advance Auto sell, but for 1/2 as much ... and they offer an upgraded ("heavy duty") model that is still $100 LESS than the local stores! (Sadly, my radiator blew on the way to Apheresis - so the Red Cross doesn't get my platelets just yet :( ... Speaking of the ARC - Have you given blood lately?? What are you waiting for?)
* Want movie spoilers?

* Woman pays $50k for "cloned" cat ... not the kind of "clone' you think :)
* Christmas wins
* Embarrassing White House error blamed on Democratic Operative
* FDA Defends Approval of Rat Poison
* A Watley before Christmas
* American children don't know about Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen
* Bin Laden releases Christmas recording
* How to Make Love Like a Police Commissioner
* Pacers, Pistons players exchange firearms in goodwill gesture

Christmas Roundup
Most importantly - I am blessed to have a beautiful wife and wonderful daughter (her first Christmas!) for which I am more grateful than I can say. And two great dogs. And lots of great family! And we are all in reasonably good health, although most of us have now put on a few pounds. (And expert for Mädchen, who is having some hip (& mouth!) problems ... still working on that ... )

Also - our prayers to Brett, my brother in law, who is stationed over in Afghanistan (USAF). He was able to send a video home and we got to see his base, some of his fellow airmen, and to get a better idea of what he is going through over there. On the video they talked about the "TLS" building, or "Taliban's Last Stand" ... which is now a big building with a big hole in the roof where the bomb entered :). Also got to see some Apaches, some C130s, a few Chinooks, their HMMVs, etc. Good Stuff, and we hope Brett comes home safe and sound in a few months.

Having said all that emotional stuff, let's get materialistic - I got some cool gift certificates (which are generally preferred, so I can pick out what I know I want :P). Got some clothes. Got a set of Dominoes. Got a Business Week subscription. The best gift - Becky got us a matching pair of Bibles, with our names inscribed (or whatever the right word for that is) on them - pretty cool. Yes, I am old now so appreciate all of these (even the clothes!). Thanks to everyone!!

Click for Christmas for our Troops

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