Happy .5 year Birthday to Riley!

... Symantec raised Internet ThreatCon to 2 based on recent Oracle vulnerability ... they also mention, in passing, that Win* has a (new) unpatched vuln's ...
* Annan -1 aide ... Iqbal Riza, chief of his executive office, quits ... Oil-for-Food fallout?
* $US hits all time low vs Euro
* Putin questions US policy ... perhaps he feels we should accept more bribe and deal with corrupt governments, no? (and maybe poison foreign presidential nominees?)
* Malkin vs TSA ... Head of Federal Air Marshall Service lying?
* Iraq: Fallujah flares up, 3 US Marines killed ... prayers and condolences ...
* 50 year anniversary of first (successful) living donor kidney transplant
* Some e-tailers having Christmas problems
* Forest service relaxes rules
* Bad Weather pummels NE, MW ... they're taking all my snow??
* China closes 1k+ websites
* New Home Sales plummet 12% ... "largest drop since 1994" ...
* GM recalls 700k minivans ... that's what you get for driving a minivan :P
* MORE 'fun' in Washington State - 91 veterans want their votes to be counted ... sadly, it probably won't matter - the Dems have more than likely stolen the state ... and more here

* An interview with Ünter Klaus, CIO of Christmas HQ
* Opportunity gets a car-wash
* Crickets can exhaust themselves to death while courting females ... all the women's fault, by the way
* Killed by tomatoes ... anaphylactic shock ...
* More on the Titan rendezvous
* Flexible Scanner?
* Changes coming to SG1? : Anderson heading out, Tapping pregnant ... some speculation, some fact ... also - John Crichton (from Far-Scape, aka Ben Bowder) moving into SG1?
* 7th graders kicked out of dance for being dressed-up as Santa ... Principal Fred Muscara tries to defend the position, saying it is "politically incorrect" ... this is the kind of thing that kills me. The principal mouths off to the kid later on, Merry Christmas you grinch.
* $50k cat
* Mexicans go south for the Holidays? ... why don't we just secretly tighten up the border now and keep them there?
* Some excellent lawsuit examples ... true or not, they are funny and plausible!
* More thoughts on Immigration
* PWL recommends a few articles, from the Weekly Standard
* Dems flip-flopping on abortion?
* More on ID vs Darwin ... I don't think of it as one against the other; rather they can co-exist just fine.
* PWL : "One leftist gets it"
* Some thoughts on Rumsfeld ... "If this, combined with the armor non-controversy, is the worst that opposition to Rumsfeld can throw at him, like Coulter said, "I shall sleep well knowing that the secretary of defense has made so few mistakes for the past four years that liberals are reduced to carping about his autopen"
* Christians losing their constitutional right to free speech? ... and more anti-ACLU here
* Moore blaming the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

* Soy fire logs mean heat, good nutrition for homeless
*Web causes eyestrain
* Kofi & son to work at Starbucks ... coffee-for-food scandal to ensue
* USPS just shredding mail
* Baby: 'Noun' defined: anything i can put in my mouth
* Martha speaks from prison

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