Seriously - Happy New Year, and Best Wishes to everyone!

Again - I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $9,085,257.75 to date!

* Earthquake: US Govt ups aid to $350M ... 10x increase from $35M initial package
* Earthquake: Powell heading to disaster site(s) ... and ... How about diving during a tsunami? ... and take a look at this collection of satellite images
* Iraq: US rounds-up ~50 insurgents
* 175 killed in club fire in Buenos Aires ... "trapped by locked exit doors"
* Justice Thomas, Gift-gate? ... seems to be much ado about nothing ... unless/until the gifting law gets changed, that is ...
* Pfizer's next pain drug approved ... "Lyrica", who thinks of these names??
* These 4 people (allegedly) bilked Walmart for $1.5M ... printing new UPC codes, nice!
* UN aide insults Israel ... Kofi and the UN, perhaps BOTH should go :) ...
* More on the laser-lights-at-airplanes story
* Cease fire in Sudan
* Out with the old, in with the new - Yushchenko officially 'in'
* Italian PM attacked by a (thrown) tripod
* Pakistan - Bus Accident kills 31(+?)
* Oracle cans 4 PS execs
* FWIW - Washington State can still not explain voter discrepancies ... how convenient for the Dems :) ... also - more here ... dead people still on election rolls, etc.

* More thoughts on 'stingy Americans' ... and more here ... and more here ... and more here ... and note the above article about our Govt ponying up $350M now!
* UAL about to lose their flight attendants ... Union taking the company down?
* Paris terrorizing the Swiss? ... not Paris, France ... Drudge:"Paris 'Unwelcomed' In Switzerland"
* Another comet to look for ... "naked eye visible" ...
* Dell, VGA, PDA ... the Axim X50v ... still not enough for me!
* Your ambulance might be getting a virtual doctor
* "The Washington Post shows lousy judgment." ... oh, like that is a news flash?
* Deadly Lessons ... more thoughts on school violence
* IBM - GRID-ing for medicine
* RIAA, MPAA, P2P, malware
* More "It's the US' fault" blather
* Recently sold IBM division a big fat loser?

* This is an example of why Wash State can't elect a Governor in a straight-forward fashion
* OBL issues new year’s resolutions
* Todd Pinkston breaking barriers as NFL’s first woman
* White House pet in sex scandal
* Bongo News' Woman of the Year for 2004 is Paris Hilton

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