Just Monday

... Prayers and grievances to all those killed, injured or missing and their family/friends ... and the Redskins suck, Peyton Manning beats Mtouarino's single-season Touchdown record (Hi Eddie!), and Reggie White passed away(posted yesterday)

* Iraq: New OBL tape ... "those who participate in the elections are infidels" ...
* More Earthquake info ... Drudge says "Moved the entire island of Sumatra about 100 feet" ... 'disturbed' the Earth's rotation ... and 20k now reported dead ... and After-shocks are occurring, follow-up tsunamis a (sad/scary)possibility ... and Death toll now approaching 25k ... the bad news keeps coming in, and the death toll is expected to rise dramatically as relief workers begin the process of recovery. Such a terrible loss of life, and expected to be the most expen$ive event ever - Thailand alone is looking at $1b in lost tourism revenue, not counting the cost of the recovery! And, as if that wasn't ll bad enough - Now fighting to avoid disease outbreaks ... "typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea and cholera" ... 'they' are expecting the final death count to approach 50k! ... and a touch of GOOD news : 20 day old baby survives ... floated around on a mattress
* Iraq: Homicide Bomber misses Shiite Leader ... but still kills 9 ... make that kills 15 ...
* Iraq: US Soldier killed by roadside bomb
* China launches IPv6 network
* Iraq: Some thoughts on Democracy in Iraq ... "will Islam dictate the law in Iraq"?
* Market inching up more ... and oil sliding down a bit ... Dow above 10.8k, NASDAQ above 2100 ...
* Islamist law makes inroads ... polygamy about to be 'recognized' in the UK, and Canada ... the opposite of integration, the logical conclusion of this is to have separate laws (penal, tax, etc.) for EVERY subset of you civilization ... need I say this is the wrong direction to move in?
* Comair to continue having problems for DAYS ... that will certainly tarnish their reputation even more, and hurt their bottom line
* Rumsfeld : Plane was shot down in Pennsylvania ... ? ... that was apparently he mis-spoke
* 2 US-trained Iraqi's save a GI's life, using the training they received from us!

* Gratuitous Plug: Want Traffic? Join BlogExplosion! ... (and use me as your referrer, so I get some too :P )
* CL's Person of the Year - Patrick Tillman ... if you don't remember, he quit the Cardinal's to join the Army as was killed in action April 22, 2004 ... why'd he do it? : "My great grandfather was at Pearl Harbor, and a lot of my family has ... gone and fought in wars, and I really haven’t done a damn thing as far as laying myself on the line like that"
* Some great thoughts on "Progressive Liberals" from Cao ... "has opposed every war that America has fought in living memory, and it has found ways to sympathize or actively support every enemy America has face"
* Top Science stories of 2004
* Toyota Prius (hybrid) hits 130mph! ... NOT stock (obviously), and I bet it wasn't getting 66mpg at the time :)
* "Free software, no nasties"
* Opera 8.0 Beta released ... Firefox still better?
* Build Your Own Digital Picture-frame
* US Soldiers "fighting to get BACK to Iraq"
* Drug Companies warning employees about Moore
* Castro has some oil now too
* Creative out-iPods the iPod?
* Galactic Quiz
* Can man fly?
* Inside WinXPsp2
* Runner-Up Losers of 2004 ... they couldn't even win the Loser Competition :)
* Another reason to support Kilgore for Governor in VA?
* Iran's nuke sites being targeted by "UFOs" ... or by observation aircraft, you pick :)
* I have been hearing good things about "Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World" ... probably going to order it later this week, will let you know how it is (assuming I do order it :P)
* Wanna work for Uncle Sam? ... the obvious Intelligence Analyst shortage makes the news
* Hacktivist takes down a McDonald's/China website ... perhaps they should hire a certain InfoSec person?
* Amazon.com tops record for 1-day sales
* The Myth of the Separation of Church and State ... "the words: "separation", "church", and "state" do not even appear"(in the Constitution) ... "Our U.S. Constitution was founded on Biblical principles and it was the intention of the authors for this to be a Christian nation"
* How sciencetists(sic) calculate the chance of an asteroid hitting Earth ... sciencetists ... that's a funny typo! ... speaking of which - Asteroid impact 'upgraded' to 1-in-37 ... it was 1-in-300 a day or 4 ago
* How to get to a Hydrogen Economy
* Iraq: Letterman visited Marines ... "Anybody here from out of town?" ... funny :)
* WiFi in Texas parks
* History of the microchip
* ISP/telco shuts down w/ almost no notice to clients and employees ... that basically sucks
* Toshiba causing SD card shortages
* Want to help 'any soldier'? ... great way to make a difference!
* More on the problems in Washington state ... one election stolen
* Some thoughts against ID
* The Bible, in 50 words ... for those with ADD :) ...

* New OOTS! ... go ahead, take a level of Barbarian
* Travelers heartbroken as they are informed their Airline doesn't exist
* U.S.S. Constitution Makes Drug Bust ... "Without any engines to make noise, the frigate went unnoticed by the drug running boat Marciela on December 17 when it nearly ran into the sailing vessel. The Marciela opened fire on the Constitution with automatic weapons; but the heavy-caliber bullets, which would have blasted through a standard fiberglass hull, proved useless against the Constitution's 25-inch thick oak hull."
* FDA : "Who Cares?"
* Stolen office supplies discovered in Iraq
* Biblical Prophecy: How to make it work for you
* Blair discovers 3rd gear ... still no Reverse!
* Annual holiday newsletter from the cat clone lady
* Teens more willing to lie to researchers about their smoking/drug use
* Dog reads tea leaves, predicts earthquakes


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