Late Edition, er Addition, um ... Whatever

Late News
* New Malware ... "W32.Erkez.D@mm" = Sev3, prompted Symantec to raise their "ThreatCon" to 2 (from 1) ... aka ZAFI.d
* Tyco back in the (bad) news ... part of the Oil for Food fiasco (OFFF :) )

Late Interesting
* Novel (and cheap) way to reduce tanker-spill damage?
* US slipping further RIGHT? ... good news!
* Oracle + VMWare?
* Symantec + Veritas?
* Universe map - getting redrawn?
* ICANN - Our internet is InSaNe ... or maybe just ICANN is?

Late Funny
* True:Wearing an OBL mask - bad idea!
* I got nuthin else - just go to FARK ... :)


1 comment:

Hope said...

Hi, guy. Thanks for adding the link to my blog. One appreciates exposure (which sounds odd, somehow).

Anyway, as for the country slipping further right. One doesn’t slip to the right. One marches purposefully forward in a rightward direction.

Now that is a cute baby.