Mädchen & Günther

Since I showed Riley, now I should show my Dawgz ...
*Mädchen (on top, she'll be 5 this Feb) & Günther (below, he is 2 this month).
Note - Both are rescues!
Click for My Dawgz
... actually, Mädchen is having some hip problems ... pray for her(and for our wallets!).


Anonymous said...

I love GS, had one for 8 years (we won't go into what happened) - the dog was really a chicken, biggest fear someone had was to be licked to death. But her size, her bark and the sight of her didn't make anyone want to come any closer to my house or family then they had to.

I just remembered a time when I was out on the front lawn talking to a friend. The dogs (I also had a black lab) were in the back yard, heard me and barked. I told them to be quiet, which they did. Then out of the corner of my eye, I'm seeing something popping up above the 6ft. fence. I turned to see the GS jumping straight up and getting about half a body length above the fence so she could see me and what I was doing. She kept this up till I yelled at her - very protective dog.

TJ said...

Mädchen is a big coward too, but also a decent size (~80lbs) and a mean-sounding bark ;).

Günther, OTOH, is afraid of nothing ... but only interested in licking, and getting attention.


Anonymous said...

Good, lord. Those are gorgeous dogs. Reminds me of a time I had to interview the Port of Seattle security services for a story I was writing. They had a real German Shepard (versus American German shepard). That was the most powerful looking animal I'd ever seen.

But I think I'll stick with pocket dogs. Much easier to deal with when they've decided they want to hump your furniture. ;)