* Pope speaks ... and full translation of his speech
* Iraq: Suicide truck blast ... kills 9, grievances for the them
* Iraq: Two 'key' members of al-Zarqawi's network caught ... caught in Ramadi
* More voting problems in Ukraine
* Town in Texas - 1st White Christmas in 80+ years ... and I still have no snow :(
* Crazy man climbs world's tallest building
* Maybe Washington isn't lost yet? ... although I think Rossi won, I am not sure we should continue this odious contest-the-vote process :(
* Think your Christmas was stressful, atleast you weren't trying to fly ... if you were trying to fly, sorry! ... "Tens of thousands of travelers spent Christmas in an airport, as Comair canceled all of its flights and many US Airways passengers waited to be reunited with their luggage."

* Some cool picks from WFCAM

* New OOTS! ... greedy thief ... well, not really
* New REDvsBLUE!

Click for Christmas for the troops

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