* IBM sells PC manufacturing unit to China ... and some speculation that IBM did this to get deeper in bed with Apple ... and IBM's CEO's memo to employees
* Pakistan test fires missile ... medium range, nuclear-capable ... speaking of missiles : US testing Anti-Missile shield
* Ukraine: Poison/Assassination attempt against Yushchenko?
* Mexico getting their share of locusts as well
* Iraq: Deputy PM blames Iraq's neighbors for not helping ... ahh, that is because their neighbors don't want democracy to succeed!
* More Phishing ... fake emails, cross-site scripting exploits, and your banking details - oh my!
* McAuliffe uses Pearl Harbor to slam GOP ... just a bit tasteless, which isn't surprising considering the source
* Thoughts on Driver's Licenses for Illegals ... we need a national standard that requires proof of citizenship, why is that SO DAMN HARD for people to grasp?
* Layoffs@AOL.com
* Jordan close to capturing al-Zarqawi? ... that would be GREAT! ... now if we could just get OBL as well ...
* Dick Clark has a stroke
* John Snow staying after-all

* Malkin's quite humorous post on the Intel Reform Act ... and what it DOESN'T cover
* Ray Guns! ... can we set phasers to stun yet, dammit?
* 8GB USB Drive! ... I want one, or five!
* Siemens unveils 1gbps wireless ... SWEET!
* PCs make kids dumber ... well, I disagree with that - it is all about how they are used. Simply handing one over to your child and expecting that to teach them is not the right approach!
* "DVD Jukebox" manufacturer being sued
* Thoughts on Legislation through Judicial Activism
* Windows2k3sp1 released, and the top 10 reasons to install it
* Rat brain flies jet
* General thoughts on Iraq
* Dell dumps Red Hat ... going Novell/SuSe
* Some thoughts on global terrorism, media bias and freedom of expression
* Smoking age raised to 19 ... in Suffolk county, anyway ... "philosophically it is difficult to tell an 18-year-old that he can fight for his country -- yet he can't smoke"
* More Mary Berry fun ... "term as a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights ended at midnight Sunday, but as of this writing she maintains that her term doesn't end until January 21, 2005" ... UPDATE: She is gone! ... " Ding Dong The Witch Is Gone"
* Funny exchange, regarding conscientious objectors ... and a Malkin post about deserters
* Sports Gambling Hedge Fund
* Icy planetoid has fiery heart?
* Christmas lights vs. broadband internet connection
* Christians throw rocks @ Police in Egypt ... I though we were the peaceful ones??
* Rumsfeld grilled by troops ... joining the 'Guard not quite as peaceful as they were hoping :)
* Laptops kill sperm

* TRUE: Woman runs over kids for hitting her car with golf ball ... it did no damage to vehicle, and she is BUTT UGLY
* Command Ops ... flash game, like River Raid!
* WalMart 'rolling back' employee wages
* Fans taking steroids to fend off athletes!
* New Bar Exam in Cali
* Alleviate holiday naming confusion - celebrate Chanukwanzaamasadan
* Bush became the 1st President to visit Canada in ten+ years. Bush, with the help of an interpreter, spoke to Canadians ...
* Saddam's Torture Bar & Grill Embraces New Management
* The Tragic Lives of Middlemen ... always getting cut out :)
* CIA Reloaded: Govt assassins get miffed
* Shortest Time Interval Found; Named for Pop Star
* Bush still won't accept responsibility for Pearl Harbor
* Root Of Bush Aggression found
* What If Dubya Hadn't Quit Drinking?
* Microwave pizza's = too hard to heat up
* True: Parents go on strike ... I am not so sure this is the right message to send to your kids ...

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Quote of the Day:
A few years ago when a big software vendor here to promote their "cutting edge self healing" software, I quipped "I guess making software that doesn't break was too hard for them". I got a lot of angry stares that indicated that they were not amused. --Ken Ng

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