* Insurgent attacks in Baghdad kills 30 Iraqis ... our prayers and condolences to them, their families and their countrymen ... we need to find al-Zarqawi and put him out of everyone's misery
* Germany foils Allawi assassination plot
* China test Ballistic Missile Sub
* 200 pledge to be Martyrs ... ah yes - Islam, the religion of Peace
* Offshoring is inevitable
* Danforth (US Ambassador to the UN) quitting ... and Kerik is tapped to replace Ridge
* Corporate PCs 'riddled with spyware' ... not mine! ... everyone should run AdAware, SB:S&D, SWB, Qwik-Fix, some sort of AV, and keep your PC up-to-date
* Tenet on the Internet ... "a potential Achilles' heel"
* MS making war on SPAM ... spam, adware, virus/trojan/worms ... all bad
* 4 Infineon execs heading to jail ... say hi to Martha :)
* Putin calls the US dictatorial ... he would know ;) ... maybe this is becausehis silverware is disinfected with vodka ... ok, so he hasn't used them yet - but maybe he has a 'problem' (mental, that is)
* Ukraine is getting a re-vote

* WTF? Jerry Springer has an Opera? ... "It contains 3,168 mentions of the f-word and 297 of the c-word"
* Location Based Encryption? ... would need to address the "road warriors" who travel legitimately with their laptops, and need access to the data. These people, of course, are the ones most susceptible to having their laptop stolen ... probably simpler to encrypt all data all the time, and requires a smart card / custom USB dongle thingie to decrypt (which would require a pin (+token/SecurID?)to make use of, or even better - thumbprint and token!
* Previous settlement hurts SCO's case? ...aw, so sorry ...
* Some thoughts on the new Ag Sec appointee, and on ethanol
* Even low levels of Benzene exposure lower blood counts ... "People with certain genetic traits were especially susceptible"
* Jupiter goes into hiding ... new word - "occultation" ... last chance to see it for 25 years (form Eastern US, anyway)
* DNA 'Velcro' binds nanoparticles ... "in experiments that could lead to the development of fundamentally "self-constructing" materials"
* IBM selling off PC division?
* Some thoughts on the NAACP ... change in leadership, loss of non-profit stats?
* The threat posed to us by life on Mars
* Thoughts on Bush agenda ... and the timing of its implementation
* ICANN leadership change
* Giant squids to be 'plastinated'
* Thoughts on the Red Cross's agenda
* Bill O'Reilly wrong on Rather?
* French govt bails out French competitor to IBM, Sun, HP, Dell ... and regarding the US bailouts for US companies - I am against most of those as well!
* Political Steroids for Democrats?

* Nader enters the Presidential race ... in Ukraine
* AMD releases Socket 666 Athlons ... the processor of the beast?
* Santa converts to Judaism
* The beer makes the man ... so what does Killian's make me?
* Gym class gayed up by square dancing
* Body-Piercings for Internal Organs
* More on Rather
* God is on my Palm Pilot ... "You don't just check your Inbox and then go dicing up hookers"
* Everybody Resigns From Everything
* Baby: Tractor fails to haul ...

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