* Iraq: Green Zone hit
* MS released out-of-cycle ('critical') IE update
* More on Nuclear Iran ... warhead work ongoing! ... and more here ... working on the missiles, the warheads, and some Chem work too
* Mystery infection in Iraq, Afghanistan?
* More calls for Kofi's removal/resignation
* Thoughts on AIDS/HIV ... since yesterday was 'World Aids Day'
* Texas gov grants 120 reprieve ... convicted killer not being executed just yet
* Ukraine (finally) to hold re-vote?
* Europe to have a brutally hot summers ... " According to our model, by the middle of this century every other summer could be even hotter than 2003"
* Giambi used steroids ... is that really news?
* Is Syria the next Libya?
* ... sure the US$ is at an all time low vs the Euro, but the DOW is above 10.6k, NASD approaching 2150 and S&P is approaching 1200!!
* Bush calls for full probe on Oil-for-Food scam

* What makes Google tick
* How do you talk to aliens?
* SUN & MS happily in bed together
* Some people are 'immune to exercises'
* Hubble spots infant galaxy
* More thoughts on gay marriage
* Some thoughts on Nanoelectronics, Moore's Law
* Liberals embracing Federalism? ... finally ...
* Thoughts on Foreign Democratic movements ... and the media bias towards them?
* Our Sun, the planet thief?
* Europeans ditching TV for the Internet?
* Iraq-tectonics ... "The promise of representative government is rumbling within the Middle East. The molten lava of free elections is bubbling up to the surface."
* Cannabis increases risk of psychosis
* Thoughts on Electro-wetting ..."Camera phones will soon have lenses made from nothing more substantial that a couple of drops of oil and water, but will still be capable of auto focusing, and even zooming"
* Take nudie pix= get fined, lose phone
* Verizon permits Philly to build city-wide WiFi ... the rest of PA still NOT permitted to do likewise ... "What does this mean for other Pennsylvania towns? Well, they're pretty much screwed."
* Weak dollar bad for US?
* Man dies in homemade electric chair
* Send up to 1GB files via email ... is this real, or a scam? ... seems to work just fine, but I think I will PGP encrypt anything I send, ThankYouVeryMuch

* New OOTS! ... ah yes, the old sob-story-for-role-playing-XPs trick
* The better life is downstairs
* Iraqi elections have been delayed to give the people enough time to air negative political ads ... HAHAHAH - "Swift Boat Veterans Parachute into Baghdad"
* Ken Jennings now to answer, in the form of a question, where OBL is
* Baby: Cammies for junior
* Think you have a bad roommate ... check this out
* UGA student severely burned ... great stories start with "The ritual involved 190-proof grain alcohol and a lighted oil lantern"
* True?: Wallet found after being stolen 30 years ago
* IE Toolbars leave no room for browsing
* I'm worth $2,745,534.19! How much are you worth?

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