* Iraq: Green Zone hit yesterday ... and hit again ... our prayers and grievances go out to the family & friends of those killed
* Pentagon - We need more $$ ... ~$80B
* Oil up a bit ... getting farther away from the $35 mark :( ... BUT: Gas prices drop to 3 month low ... at my Amoco this morning Premium was $1.85/gallon! (regular would have been $1.69!!) ... oh, and just for good measure - the Dow is above 10.6k!
* More Taliban leadership arrested!
* Train crash kills 50 India ... prayers & grievances ...
* Fed expected to raise rate another .25% ... UPDATE: Fed +.25%
* Blockbuster drops late fees
* Google to scan/index library books
* Firefox hits 10M downloads ... in 32 days
* Jackson lawyers move to dismiss ... and move for a delay ... of course they do, because he is probably guilty!
* Trade deficit = $55.5B ... and, contrary to some opinions, it isn't all that bad

* List of sites where you can truly support our troops!
* BitTorrent servers better get lawyered up ... MPAA picks up the flag from the RIAA
* Homeland inSecurity ... and thoughts on illegal aliens
* Ford EOLs the Excursion!
* Want to grow some Heart Tissue?
* Lunar ice
* Germany cracks down on pirates ... aaarrrgggghhh
* Merry Christmas ... whether you like it or not :P
* .NET-Embedded ... and SPOT
* Some thoughts on the media bias wars
* UN = Anti-Semitic?
* Prevent WiFi leaks ... no more free access for you!
* Some thoughts on Europe, their apparent disdain for us ... and national security
* Dems still grasping - to unofficially oversee the Bush administration ... oversight good, persecution bad
* Want an 80GB iPod?
* Ohio: 66lb Tumor found, removed
* Sun releases SunRay 3.0 ... fighting the losing Thin-Client battle?
* State Legislatures slide Blue?
* Online extortion ... DDoS works :(
* Halo2 review ... (again) ... my review = 9+/10!
* MS's CIO on their IT practices

* Bush to Google future nominees
* Particleboard --> Nazi gold? ... not just regular / ghetto gold ...
* Oakland Raiders lose to nursing home team ... "I’ve never seen a man on a walker with moves like that" ... final score was 52-3 ...
* Yushchenko calls for probe WRT poison, name
* Paris is burning! ... "It contains no hormones or fancy chemicals. It is essentially a scented soap, scented with the smell of millions of dollar bills. But it works. That smell drives women wild with desire!"
* Endangered species yield amazing new energy source
* Broken Newz making a movie ... and begging for cash. Hey - now we have one thing in common!
* The Onion's Auto-Guide ... with gems like "Report: 98 Percent Of U.S. Commuters Favor Public Transportation For Others"
* Run a nation ... still fun! Some of you have let your nations die - so sad. If you do sign up, join "Paradise lostNfound" (my region :))
* True: I guess he was marking his territory? ... well, he was marking someone else's territory, anyway :)
* Baby: Perils of Poop ... updated from yesterday to include paint-card-snot-color-match kit
* Former Soviet Bloc countries bring back medieval tasters
* True: Man bites dog

Quote of the Day:
green: We vegetarians love the environment. Carnivores are sick freaks.
Frank: How can vegetarians possibly love the environment? You keep eating all the plants!
... thanks BASH (edited for punctuation and content)

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