* Oil drops $3!
* Iraq: US adding 12k troops for election security
* Disinformation used against Terrorists
* NJ district requires no religious references in songs ... no CHRISTMAS carols for them ... secularism continues to be misguided and to go too far
* Sweeping reform coming to the UN ... let's see if it is enough to make it useful ...
* Speaking of the UN - they say the Iraqi elections are on track
* Speaking of the UN - the UNAIDS program might just kill you
* Speaking of the UN - More thoughts on how badly they are screwed up
* Speaking of the UN - a US Senator calls for Kofi's resignation
* Ukraine parliament weighs in on their little election problem ... still no President
* Netherlands performing euthanasia on infants ... a very slippery slope! ... and more here ... "The morality behind this protocol is non-existent"
* Red Cross citing Gitmo problems> ... speaking of the Red Cross, GIVE BLOOD! Or, even better, do Apheresis!
* US economy +3.9% ... and consumer spending rose 5.1% ... and US dollar hits new low vs Euro ... again ... and more on the economy ... "If the economy’s so bad, why is it so good?"
* Record Breaking Hurricane season ends with ... another Hurricane
* Some thoughts FROM Iraq
* Make a human egg divide without sperm! ... able to make stem cells without viable embryos

* Some thoughts on the need for a Line Item Veto ... and how it could help our dollar
* World of Warcraft pegs a 10 out of 10!
* Some thoughts on the ballute/aerocapture technique
* COOL!: Armed Drones
* Updated mobile phone malware ... Skulls-B is Skulls-A + Cabir
* Some thoughts on modern parenting ... "the damage caused by the absence of parents" ... this is the reason my wife stays home to raise the child :)
* Malkin on the difference between enforcement and 'anti-immigration'
* Some thoughts on Quantum Computers ... excellent read!
* 0wn3d in 200 seconds ... THIS IS WHY EVERYONE NEEDS TO SECURE THEIR PCs! ... "An unprotected Windows XP (sp1) machine was breached within four minutes, and became a zombie in less than ten hours"
* More Anti-Chomsky
* A contrarian view on the Republican victories
* Cool Cassini pic
* Some thoughts on Hate Crimes legislation
* To the radicals who still believe Kerry won - Ohio was not 'stolen' ... "The fact is that the Ohio vote-counting process is a model of bipartisanship and openness"
* CyberNET CEO commits suicide ... amidst fraud investigation
* Those wild lefties - giving up on fighting the issues?
* More comments on radical Leftism
* Last Words: A collection of famous last words, etc.

* Advertising slogans that target Geeks
* Iraq's color-coded Terror Alert system ... low ... elevated ... nuclear ...
* Ridge admits he is colorblind
* NAACP praises violent video games for Racial Incusivity
* Game - Vick Experience, where you get to be a bad QB
* Town replaces mailboxes with Piñatas
* Prince Charles - education is to blame for people wanting to better themselves
* Game - you play your favorite whining, overpaid anabolic steroid using enraged sports figure
* Social Security plan that will allow citizens to bet on their favorite teams
* True: Crucial adds some *bling* to its RAM
* Baby: parking under table
* True: Hot Tub Fun Phone
* Lump Sum vs. College

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