* USCG Copter crashes during rescue operation ... our prayers for the missing crew
* Secunia reporting new IE vuln ... "Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP Command Injection Vulnerability", similar reports coming for other browsers?(Konqueror bulletin already released) ... speaking of IE-Secunia's list of (33) unpatched IE problems ... 33 reasons to secure your PC :)
* Man goes crazy in Ohio nightclub ... shoots guitarist and others, gets wasted by cops
* Iraq: Blast in Mosul ... 3 killed, our grievances to their family & friends!
* Iraq: Japanese "troops" sticking around another year ... 550 noncombatants
* Muslim charities being forced to pay $150M+
* A better alternative to Kyoto?
* Oil rising a bit ... still below $43, should be below $30 ... although some believe we will hit 'peak' in the 2006-2010 time-frame!! ... while others believe Oil is a geological byproduct, not a fossil fuel ... the debate continues :)
* US to Specify Documents Needed for Driver's Licenses? ... finally!
* "Mapping Security", by one of my old managers ... comes out 12/23/04
* Bush Administration Expresses Confidence in Annan... I disagree!
* ATMs help finance Terrorists?
* 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee named 4x4 o' the year ... my old '97 Wrangler would totally kick its ass!

* Good read - NST vs VAT ... both better than our current tax code
* Iraq: Thoughts on Iraq ... even Andrew Sullivan agrees it is getting better :)
* ME the People ...
* More on the gun-shot detection system going live in Chicago
* Private Spaceflight bill passed!
* Amazon's problems
* D-Link releases Gaming focused gear
* Simple tax code change to fix health-care?
* XBOX modders getting busted ... perhaps the pre-installed games weren't such a good idea
* CD/DVD printer - less than $150 ... no more sharpies!
* Thoughts on establishing a permanent homeland security committee
* Intel introduces Yonah
* Epson announces ePaper ... in a couple years
* Introducing the Sensiboil stove ... no more boiling over, no more boiling dry ... they should combine this with the freeze&heat oven :)
* Sirius stock in trouble? ... after surging ~50% thanks to Howard
* Cel phones for Homeland Security ... detects radiation :)
* Thoughts on Amtrak ... fully privatize it!
* AOL's letter to those not RIFed
* Ann Coulter's thoughts on "the new racism"
* Some thoughts on Racial Preferences
* US provides $20M to Palestine for elections ... um, why are we doing this??
* Thoughts on Social Security
* Sharpton got paid by Kerry
* Thoughts on Dissent in America
* US Companies spending $3B+ to teach employees to read, write ... embarrassing!
* See all of the D&D3.5 Hard-Cover books Amazon has ... buy some, make me $$ :)
* Some thoughts on Tremors in Cali
* A way to fix the US PTO?
* Why does all the cool stuff come out in Asia first?
* Scientists debate blending of human, animal forms ... and in Hybrid form you get DR5/Silver, right?
* Famous Atheist converts to Christianity!

* Bill O'Reilly: Fox News only satire...
* New OOTS ... you are not a wizard!
* Valve banning users ... Gravity Gun Abuse
* Experimentation on mice has been motivated by sheer distaste for rodents
* ‘Jeopardy’ champ loses argument with wife
* New al-Qaeda tape pleads for more sensitivity
* Baby: Sleep is optional ... ain't that the truth, sadly - Riley has discovered this as well :(
* Drug addict accidentally vaccinates self
* China bans Nike TV commercial, opens new Nike sweatshop
* Gentile eats nothing but Jewish food, becomes unstoppable machine
* US to deploy converted aircraft carrier with wheels in Iraq

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Quote of the Day:
I have no problem with gays in the military as long as they are in the Air Force where they belong.

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