* Wrap-up on yesterday's high-rise fire in Chicago ... 5 alarm ... dozens injured, including 12 firefighters ... our prayers & grievances for those killed / hurt / left homeless
* Iraq: Bomb-makers nabbed
* Afghanistan: Afghanistan President sworn in ... democracy in action, baby
* Saudi Arabia: Saudi al-Qaeda claims consulate attack ... let's see how the Saudis react, and our prayers & grievances for those killed /hurt
* Iraq: Dutch citizen being held for supplying WMDs to Saddam ... and here I thought that was France's and Russia's job ...
* Russia produces new missile ... felt left out by China and N.Korea ...
* Drug testing coming to Baseball... about time ...
* Putin worried about "West Interference" ... and as long as he follows his own advice we can still be friends :)
* Immigrant smuggling ring busted
* Iraq: General Observations, and CIA being pessimistic? ... I am still cautiously optimistic!
* Bush OFFICIALLY wins Ohio
* Oil going back down just a bit? ... below $43, but it belongs below $35 ... and even better = below $30 :) ... speaking of Oil: IAE : "We have plenty of oil ... enough for decades" ... and remember - oil may be a geological byproduct, not a Fossil Fuel ... and here comes that science! ... and a relevant Wired article here

* Sleep Deprivation makes you fat
* The coolest geek shopping list ever ... their words, not mine - but some of the stuff is pretty cool!
* Some more thoughts on Secularism
* More Anti-UN (from the DLC!) ... and anti-Kofi! ... and even more Anti-UN
* Unfortunately, Blair supports Kofi ... I think Blair is just getting gun shy after all of the criticism he has been facing at home
* More thoughts on the UN, and on Human Cloning
* Mary Berry on her way out ... "one of the worst public servants in American history"
* Woman suing a city TO INCLUDE a Nativity Scene ... EXCELLENT REVERSAL of the Secularist garbage that has been going on
* Been to France lately? Come home with someone else C4? ... you can thank France for that little gift
* Comet that is visible to the naked eye! ... "Comet Machholz will be at its closest to Earth Jan. 5-6, 2005"
* China also invented alcohol, in 7000BC!
* The US Military pwns your garage door opener ... this came out awhile back, but I have heard very little about it since ... so just FYI
* nVidia snags PS3 contract
* IBM makes some SRAM advancements ... smaller, faster ...
* Some people running from their commitments ... what's up with kids these days?
* Apple making 5GB iPod ... feeling the heat from the competition? :)
* If you are or know a potential full-time employer within 20 miles of the Beverly Center in Los Angeles ... Aaron (of rant-blog) looking for work?
* Child Protective Services doesn't want blind people to procreate
* Lottery winners are long-time advocates of saving babies ... finally, an unselfish use of lottery millions :)
* Australia : Suffering from Toads poisonous enough to kill a crocodile ... and Preparing for Locust Swarm ... 2 plagues down, 8 to go? ... and for those who are curious, more on the plagues here ... thanks Google!

* True: Comments found in the guest-book for Clinton's brand new Double-Wide Trailer-Library ... Ego Tower, Hall of Self Justification, good fritters ...
* Tommy Thompson provides food contamination tips to Terrorists ... not his problem anymore :P
* US Navy makes skirts optional!
* Universe twice as infinite as previously thought
* ER nurse uses inappropriate bedside manner on gang shooting victim
* The Ents go to war ... against Stanford
* Ken Jennings scandal!
* Bush cleaning up the UN ... with baseball bats :)
* Father Judas Priest, on Homosexuality ... and actually he is wrong about it not being a sin until acted on - a quick Google = Matthew 5:28 - "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery " ... sorry, didn't mean to get all serious in the 'Funny' section.

Click for PORK!
... from TaxGuru ... and speaking of Pork, Punxsutawney Phil will explain the difference between 'pork' and 'legitimate federal earmarks' ... WTF?

... and please observe a moment of silence in memory of those who were killed @ Pearl Harbor ...

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