News ... Redskins Win! (beat the tar out of the Giants)
* Intel Reform Bill passed!
* Chicago high rise on fire ... never good, and our prayers for those trapped inside!
* Speaking of fire - arson in MD
* US Consulate in Saudi attacked ... no Americans wounded, but several Saudi guards killed ... our prayers and condolences to them, their families and their countrymen ... some Saudi's being held hostage as well
* Iraq: 90 killed in the last 3 days ... our prayers and condolences to them, their families and their countrymen as well
* Spain under attack ... they yielded to terrorists once (their last elections), see where it got them? ... sorry, prayers and condolences to all of those killed/wounded
* Oil heading up ... already back over $43, OPEC's talks about cutting production not helping ... however, OPEC to keep production high?
* OBL trail = cold?
* Michael Jackson = DNA sample taken
* Congress to handle Baseball's steroid woes?
* US Cybersecurity report available ... PDF
* Iran still not going away from being Nuclear
* Today's 24 yr old teacher (female) and 14 yr old student (male) story
* EU, US - resolving aircraft manufacturer subsidy disputes?
* IE market share below 90% ... in Europe, anyway
* Did you hear about the 1000s of missing Airport Security uniforms? ... in Canada, but still ...

* Fat Americans breaking Cruise Ships? ... "there are some problems with the chairs because some of our passengers are heavier than we imagined"
* Debunking the 'twin deficit' theory
* It is called Christmas shopping
* Electrodes can make you a better gamer ... think it = do it ... Halo2, here I come!
* The new divide is between the corrupt and the clean ... and the US is the clean :)
* Spine damage healed ... in canines
* Leukemia pill = 86% remission
* The brightest pulse or radiation ever
* AI compares current crimes to past ones ... dramatic improvement in correlations found
* Some thoughts on how we teach our lawyers
* Smack-a-comet ... like whack-a-mole, but bigger
* $1.95 for a 128MB SD card ... only 128MB, but so damn cheap
* A difference between Reps and Dems
* AI for traffic lights? ...
* Ann Coulter on the reactions to Dr. Rice being appointed Secretary of State
* More pork in the latest Omnibus spending act ... "inside the mammoth $388.4-billion spending bill is an $80,000 earmark for SF's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center"
* Thoughts on Global Warming, Kyoto, and poor people
* Some thoughts on assimilation and culture-retention
* Your shampoo might be killing your brain cells
* Cloning Monkeys
* Fox News tapped by Clear Channel ... Howard Stern must just be ecstatic!
* Pvaxx product that looks like normal plastic, but degrades into soil
* Do you have a micro-penis? If so, there may be help for you
* A Communist in our midst?
* One group responsible for 99.8% of all FCC complaints?

* New RvB (ep45) released!
* New OOTS! ... laziness pays off now ... I can't resist - and one day, at bard school ... ah, nevermind
* True: Blog Awards ... funniest, group, best looking, Most-Missed
* Canada Purchases Rights to "The Land of the Free" from USA
* Families of recent ex-cabinet members don't want more time!
* Barry Bonds - thought injections were ego-enhancers
* Palestinian State "Possible" in 20000005: Powell
* Jihad Finally Answers Osama's Call
* Religious Sect Calls for an End to War
* The Top11 Firefox Extensions
* Baby: Cowardly New World
* Battle of the Blogger Babes
* True: Headline - 'Trailer Trash'

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