Newsflash: Iraq is in the news!

* Iraq: Bomb, targeted Shiite cleric ... 7 killed, prayers & grievances ...
* Iraq: Chemical Ali will be the first to go on trial ... Saddam -1 cousin?
* Iraq: Defense Minister - "Iran is bad" ... is that really news?
* Athens bus hijacked ... UPDATE: Siege over
* UN, Haiti, 4 dead
* Missile Defense System fails test ... a hole in the shield?
* Lieberman snubs White House ... the word is 'partisan'
* Time Warner/AOL to pay $500M settlement
* Cayman Islands +1 Earthquake ... 6.7!
* Yukos -3 Directors
* Some good questions for Bush WRT Immigration Reform ... from Congressman Tom Tancredo
* 50' waves coming to Hawaii?
* Some more thoughts on Mt St Helens ... explosive future?
* EU + Turkey
* DC = no Expos? ... whole thing in ? over financing
* "Lowe's Hacker" gets 9(!) years ... should have just done some Insider Trading (Hi Martha!) ... or, maybe, TRY OBEYING THE LAW? (But I still think 9 years is a bit much)

* More thoughts on Responsibility ... specifically - making babies
* WiFi on a chip
* Thoughts on the Constitution, Our Rights ... and Healthcare
* Tim Berners-Lee is opposed to ICANN's new TLDs ... Tim is one of the REAL fathers of the Internet, unlike Gore :)
* Judge's robe causing a brouhaha ... has The 10 Commandments on them ... "I applaud Judge McKathan. It is time for our judiciary to recognize the moral basis of our law" ... I agree, and further think is just a stunt by a slimy defense attorney who couldn't think of a better defense ... OTOH, this is probably in poor taste: Judge wears black-face to party
* A few thoughts on Kojo Annan ... did he, or did he not, work for the UN ... more "Oil for Food Fiasco" (OFFF(TM)) follow-up
* More on the MPAA's crusade vs BitTorrent, eDonkey, etc. ... like most crusades, not quite right
* Deforestation by bugs ... not (directly) our fault ...
* Would you fail the "Nanny Test" ... i.e. - do you know the background of all of your employees, partners, associates, etc.
* Would you like some lead with your herbal remedy? ... or how about some mercury or arsenic?
* Thoughts on Neptune ... you know, the icy 8th planet that has 13(!) moons ... and God of the Sea :)
* Portable Cygwin! ... including X!
* More on MS's "MSN Desktop Search Tool" ... in BETA, and as previously predicted here (TYVM)- it incorporates LookOut, which they acquired back in June
* Leave Islam = Death sentence?
* The Bible supports war (and Capital Punishment?) - Part 1 and Part 2
* FCC vs Broadband
* Ants use geometry?
* Translucent circuits
* RedState.org Inc. ... they are a 527 now!
* More on the "fatally flawed" Kyoto Protocol ... our focus should be on adaption (vs mitigation)
* P2P app in 15(!) lines!

* Biblical Curse Generator!
* True: The Alphabet, by Google
* Speed-Pool ... flash game
* Nigeria chosen to host the 2008 Genocides
* Hollywood foreign press association to choose new Iraqi President
* Web slump threatens Terrorist "Dot-Cash"
* Kofi Annan declares self-defense illegal; France agrees, Germany begins plans
* Bush declared "Fit For Duty", is shipped to Iraq
* France's new bridge
* Eli dies from growing pains ... "just hours after going 4-for-18 for 27 yards and three turnovers in a blowout loss"

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Quote of the Day:
Booster: Why'd you get a Mac?
Nick: I have conquered the PC
Nick: Just wanted to try it out
Booster: You got it because you were bored?
Booster: That is like saying "I've mastered walking with 2 legs", so you cut one off
Thanks BASH ... edited slightly for grammar, punctuation, etc.

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