Radiator Tuesday

... or not. My radiator was not overnighted, so now I get to wait until tomorrow. A day off work, wasted. They are magnanimously refunding the $16 expedite fee, plus $4 for my trouble - w00t! That definitely covers the 8 hours of personal time I had to burn (ahem).

* Earthquake: Official death toll now @ 44k! ... a train in Sri Lanka was knocked off it's track, all 1000 passengers reported dead (SL saying atleast (and 10% of SL's total population is now homeless). Such a terrible tragedy; almost incomprehensible. Grievances, Prayers, and Best wishes to everyone who was killed, and their family and friends. News reporting that 'Supermodel' Nemcova survived by holding on to a tree for 8 hours, her boyfriend is still missing, dunno why that is really considered news. If you haven't, please donate some $ to help the aid organizations help that region out - USAID's tsunami assistance coordination site ... even better, I am partial to the Red Cross or the International Federation of Red Cross ... or here is a Long list of ways to help ... Drudge says death toll estimates will exceed 60k. UPDATE : current death toll is now at 59k, and WHO estimates the death toll will double due to disease. Simply amazing.
* Earthquake: Sri Lanka rejects some help ... Israel offered ... (found via GOPBloggers)
* Iraq: Police being targeted, 24 killed in multiple attacks ... more grievances
* Ramsey, MN - building explodes/collapses
* Cali getting some bad weather ... "Snow, rain, lightning, strong wind gusts and waterspouts" ... believed to have caused a major accident involving an 18 wheeler ...
* Iraq: Japan sending $97M in aid
* Iraq: Iraqi's helping train US troops ... a role-reversal :)
* N.Korea / Kim Jong-Il going down? ... couldn't happen to a more deserving person ... one of the links - "North Korea to 'Implode' within a Year" ... another link says it will explode, I wish they would make up their mind :)
* UN calls US stingy ... they want more of our money to embezzle ... they also said we should just raise our taxes and send more $. I abhor the UN more and more just about every day ... more news is coming out about how the UN KNEW the Oil-for-Food 'program' was being subverted, exploited, etc! ... update: UN backing down from the "stingy" comment ... doesn't change my opinion of the UN!
* China and Taiwan about to throw down?
* Consumer Confidence up ... and stocks too
* There are 295M of us ... or will be in a day or three :)
* PS -1 CEO ... all Larry, all the time
* Town celebrates Kwanzaa ... sure, we can celebrate a fake holiday with no historical basis, but don't dare even try to show a Nativity ...
* Canada - under-breeding?

* Prosperity is the best defense against Natural Disasters
* Asteroid impact probability 'downgraded' to 1-in-56,000
* Fannie Mae's ousted CEO to make $1M/year for the rest of his life ... and who said crime doesn't pay? I heard something about the SEC(?) looking into whether he should have been allowed to quit, or if he should have been forcibly fired (I like the latter option)
* Top 10 losers of 2004, #10-6 ... top 5 come later (such a tease)
* VA = tax surplus? ... don't hold your breath waiting for a refund ... read the whole article here
* Buying 'alternative' medicine over the internet ... graphic pic of damage done by "cancer salve"
* Some (amusing) thoughts on efficiency ... France's dual-use white flag ... too funny!
* Rumsfeld's record ... whether you are pro-Rumsfeld or con-, you should read this ...
* Thoughts on Home-Schooling
* Some companies going out of there way to help returning troops ... i.e. - these are companies you should support :)
* Extinction Level Events ... haven't read through it thoroughly yet, but sounds like an interesting site
* Personal accounts already work (which might be why the critics are so scared)
* Firms Pay Nothing, Get Plenty
* Distributed Vote Fraud
* Some thoughts from Nick ... on the earthquake/tsunami, and some things done in poor taste
* Virginia matters ... Governors, Senators ... and Presidents?
* Wire Mesh jitterbug thingie

* What type of Govt to set up in Iraq? ... "Republic: This is where Republicans rule the government. This is the one we have and the best of the imperfect governments."
* Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and a U.S. Marine were hiking through the Iraqi desert one day ...
* Chargers decide Murder-Suicide the only way out
* ACLU's portion of Hell nearly complete
* Baby: "Yeah, that's right," he said, "I do have a peanuts."
* US cancels Iraq debt, predatory lenders move in
* Baby: "Giving Tree" only takes

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