Radiator(?) Wednesday

President speaks, summary - we are sending Marines & an Aircraft Carrier over to lend assistance, and we are spear-heading the formation of a coalition to coordinate relief efforts. And he offered prayers to all of those affected.
Some nitwit reporters took this opportunity to ask questions about Iraq; IMHO this is very poor form!
... The President also mentions that the US is responsible for 44% of GLOBAL charitable donations.

Anyone out there know if there are any 'locater' services tunning for people lost, found, etc. in Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc.? A friend of mine is looking for some of his friends ... replies via email or comments to this post greatly appreciated!

BearingPoint matches employees' donations to Tsunami Relief causes ... I would like to say Thank You to them for doing so (effectively doubling my donation to the ARC!) and would encourage more companies out there to do likewise.

* Earthquake: Death toll rises ... official count = 67k, nearly 68k ... and "Lost Generation" ... up to half of the dead are children ... US giving $35M ... which doesn't count private donations (like mine!) ... UN saying 5M people are "left without the resources for daily life" ... and a look at the tectonic shift ... and Death toll clears 100k ... Fox still claiming 'only' 77k ... I cannot even describe how terrible this entire situation is.
* Iraq: "Death-Trap" kills 29 ... terrorists lured police there with an anonymous tip, the dead include 7 police ... which leads to the US launching a new offensive
* 'Huge' explosion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ... near Interior Ministry ... UPDATE : a second explosion (car bomb) in Riyadh, and shots heard ... Oil going up (based on fear) ... also FOX reporting 9 militants (and one bystander) now dead
* Some 'gun control' truths ... as San-Fran considers a Firearm BAN ('cause that worked so well in DC, right?)
* Tsunami Help Blog ... I hope they keep this site actively going, to help with future events ...
* Sales of existing homes hit record high
* CIA -1 official ... Jami Miscik, head of the CIA's analysis unit, will resign next year
* Soros + Tax Evasion = Fun! ... couldn't happen to a 'nicer' guy :)
* Orbach dead, at 69, of Prostate Cancer
* Washington State: Rossi calls for do-over ... maybe the Dems won't steal the state?
* Less Tech = more jobs in 2005?
* Romanian, 67, pregnant with twins ... and I heard yesterday that a 55 year old in Va is pregnant with either twins or triplets ... oh, and these will be her grand-children. No banjo music required (this isn't West Virginia :)) - it was IVF, she is 'just the incubator'
* Dollar reaches new low vs Euro

* More Santy variants floating around
* Podcasting, Broadsnatch, BitTorrent ... and other cool, techie-geek things :)
* Some thoughts on God, and natural disasters
* Liberalism's great failures, part 1 ... public schools,
* A warning for the GOP ... the password is "immigration"
* ViewSonic's (Wireless) Media Center
* Apple releasing a sub-$500 iMac?
* Shuttle gets a new fuel tank
* Ultra-High-Speed Camera ... "multi-thousand frame-per-second", using an array of standard 30fps cameras!
* CraigsList costing papers $$ ... a win for the little guy, or atleast it used to be the little guy :)
* Some lefties just can't get over losing
* Some thoughts on modern civility
* Pictorial Guide to Islam ... can't say I quite agree with the statements, but interesting none-the-less
* Magnet help arthritis victims? ... um - no, they don't
* "Not my friends"
* "Box Theory"? ... are our boxes being threatened?
* Vacation-gate? ... "It's as if Bush thinks that action is a substitute for news conferences"
* A few thoughts on the recently deceased Susan Sontag ... from Malkin, and - "Liberal bias? What liberal bias?"
* PoliPundit toots it's own horn
* Edison interviewed Ford ... interesting read ...
* "The Treatment" ... Bill Clinton's legacy, and some revisionist history ... :)
* More wacky anti-Christian goings-on
* Suspicious plane-tracking laser ... news just said there are 6 instances of this happening ... ?
* VoIP wins another trial
* LokiTorrent fighting the MPAA ... not just rolling over like SuperNova :), also - they are seeking donations to help cover legal fees
* Medivac choppers being grounded, Manufacturer not fixing them ... $5M gets you a very expensive, very large paperweight.
* Germany has a huge Solar Power Plant ... if they can make it that cheap/profitable maybe this is the quick way out for some of the world's energy problems?
* Amazon : Giving it away ... and still making money. Interesting!

* "In-laws serve no evolutionary purpose", scientist says
* Christmas Outsourced
* Paris Hilton vows to be EVEN MORE annoying in 05
* Entire Dodger's roster traded away
* NASA to spend $311M to destroy harmless comet
... maybe more later ...
* Babe Ruth named Least Valuable Player of 2004 - Edwards, Clinton place 2nd & 3rd

14:35 Radiator delivered, gotta go install it ...
21:03 = Radiator installed, tested and Chinese Food Delivered+Consumed. Bed Time? ... Oh yeah, and THANKS to Radiators.com for saving me $100+ (and I can get over the minor shipping snafu).

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