Riley! and NIF!

My Baby:
*Riley Marie Evans is one heli-cute baby, if I may say so myself:
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... and that is a pretty good Santa too!

News ... TGIF!
* Amber Alert - missing 5 year old from Ohio
* Kerik != DHS Chief ... couldn't stand up to scrutiny
* Sprint+Nextel? ... "super-carrier"? ... UPDATE: Deal Agreed on - $36B! ... speaking of cel phones, You might be able to use your cel phone in-flight! ... and Cel phones don't cause cancer ... maybe
* Pakistan bomb kills at least 10 ... our prayers and grievances go out ...
* Responses to Armor-for-Troops questions ... and did you read that the question was a plant ... not that it isn't a valid question, but still ... and check out "Military Classes for Civilian Dumbasses" ... and Lt. Gen Whitcomb's press conference ... (plus comments from Q&O)
* Wassef Ali Hassoun : Hostage or Deserter? ... always smelled a bit fishy to me, and now he is being charged! ... and check out Malkin's wrap-up of this whole affair
* Oil is up a bit ... OPEC is talking about cutting production, WTF? ... UPDATE: OPEC is cutting production ... UPDATE: Oil drops to $40.50 anyway!
* You cannot listen to your children's conversations ... in Washington (state) anyway ... ANOTHER example of things that are wrong with this great nation
* Yahoo joining Desktop Search ... with partnership, not in-house innovation ... and have you tried Google's Desktop Search tool? ... just be sure to disable the web site and IM caching :)
* US Commercial flight lands in Nam ... first in 30 years
* FollowUp: US Missile-Defense-System test = scrubbed
* Lose an arm, owe the US Army $2000? ... I don't know all the details, but this seems kinda wrong ... UPDATE: Soldier being taken care of
* Iraq: Saddam lawyers 'not ready' for trial
* Soldier lied

* Hollywood vs Bit-Torrent
* Baby: Non-Toxic toys
* Thoughts on WiMax ... gonna kill 3G and terrestrial broadband? (I'd go wireless if the speeds were comparable!)
* Some thoughts on "Dollar Diplomacy"
* Are we squandering our 'political capital'
* Meteor Shower on Monday ... 12/13/2004 - "Skywatchers with dark skies away from city lights could see one or two meteors every minute during the Geminid meteor shower"
* Naked people shouldn't pick fights with Police Dogs ... Go Dog, Go!
* Some thoughts on Social Security reform ... "We will not raise payroll taxes to solve this problem"
* Some (more) thoughts on the UN ... "coalition of the crooked and unfree"
* Whale song ... "calls do not match those of any known species, although they are clearly those of a baleen whale"
* Christmas time for Terrorists! ... I am thinking MOABs :)
* New drug treats TB in half the time ... still 4+ months! ... and did you know TB was 2nd only to AIDS in "infectious disease" deaths globally?
* "Is It True What They Say About Ann?" ... free trailer
* AMD to support (up to) 8 cores in one CPU?
* Kerik, Insider Trading? ... let's see what comes of the review / nomination process!
* US -1 Tax Evasion Scheme
* Thoughts on the filibuster ... valid political tactic or obstructionist garbage? ... personally - filibusters are fine, but go back to the old days where you had to actually stand there and talk the whole time :)
* CBS vs Blog(ger)s
* Letters for the troops
* 7' Grandfather clock made out of Legos ... speaking of Legos - have you seen The Bible, in Legos?
* NetBSD2.0 released
* Disney backs Blu-Ray
* Potential planets spotted

* Rumsfeld demands full body armor for next meeting with troops
* Bush reluctantly agrees to formation of clone army
* NY Police Chief to Be US Homeland Security Czar, will put turnstiles at airports
* Welcome to your free one week trial of our sheep dating service
* Baby: Review: teething toy vs. a shoe
* President Bush Astounds United Nations
* Mel Brooks directing "The Passion of the Christ II: Mel Gibson's a Meshuganeh"
* David Bowie - Son of God? ... or maybe not.
* "Female Viagra" convinces women that men will call them
* Female Sex Patch ... needs more probing :P
* True: Click on my ads ... wait, no click on MY ads! Or the Amazon link to the right! :)

Quote of the Day:
* _chaos: The world will be perfect when you can log conversations from real life.
* _chaos: For example if a man denies sleeping with another woman his wife can just check the logs.
* _chaos: And the only way to cheat is if you had admin powers to edit the logs... like me. heh :)
* CCDude: or i could kick your nerdy ass and make you do it for me
* _chaos: Then you would be arrested after they checked the logs!
* CCDude: your still a nerd
* _chaos: And your still an idiot. :D

... thanks BASH
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*Are you going to the BearingPoint Holiday Party tomorrow? ... If so, I'll see ya there! ... and that's it for me - have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a darling little one! Such a great picture. I can't get a picture of my kids with Santa without them screaming like I'm cutting off their favorite toe.

I agree - very good Santa!


Unknown said...

... they have favorite toes?