Riley's First Snow

... Riley got to see her first snow last night! (less than 1", but still ...)

* Bush : We will cut the Federal Deficit in half in 5 years
* Forecasts : Employment scaled back, GDP scaled up
* Iraq: 50 arrested in connection with recent bombings that killed ~70, election official (& bodyguards) murdered ... roadblocks and checkpoints also set up, and 10 contractors abducted ... our prayers and grievances to all of them, and for our troops
* Yukos going down ... " the government sold the company's biggest unit for $9.3 billion to an unknown buyer" ... $9.3B from 'unknown'?
* Kia Spectra rated "poor" ... translated : "this car sucks"
* Stocks rally on Oil news ... and "A report on leading economic indicators for November is due out at 10 a.m. (today)" ... oil was retreating from recent gains, but still too high :)
* More on Africa vs US WRT AIDS drugs
* Rumsfeld catching more flak for auto-signing ... I agree that REAL signatures is 'the least we could expect', but IMHO this is being given more weight than it deserves ... some other thoughts HERE
* Adult Stem Cell Research ... vs ESCR ...
* WalMart to match Salvation Army kettle-collections, up to $1M ... unlike Target, which won't let SA ring their bells outside their stores
* Celebrate the 6 year anniversary of Clinton's impeachment ... sorry I missed this yesterday! ... and don't give Hillary the chance to get impeached!
* Washington recount details ... GOP(Rossi) has healthy lead
* Wanna help a little girl out?... "Stevens Johnson Syndrome"
* North Carolina Guardsman stationed in Iraq, "Gay Panic", and a dead Iraqi ... sad. Sentenced to 25 years @ Leavenworth. Grievances to the family of the 17 year old victim. Note that is the how we are different from the Terrorists - we punish those who misbehave, rather than reward them (or make them our leaders).
* China to start holding jury trials

* Some good thoughts on the "separation of church and state", by Dr. Thomas E. Woods ... "many contemporary Americans fail to realize that their founding fathers meant for the Constitution of the United States to safeguard Christianity from governmental interference" ... has also authored a book,The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
* US Supreme Court worse than the ACLU?
* Little Drummer boy lyrics ... Merry Christmas!
* Notable quotables ... "The Seventeenth Annual Awards for the Year’s Worst Reporting"
* Slapinions thoughts on 'Person of the Year'
* Think you have had some hardship in your life? Take a moment, read this. ... found via Malkin
* WarHammer 40k-based game - Dawn of War ... Multi-Player focused ... "I really am saying that the answer to all your holiday gaming questions is most likely WarHammer 40,000: Dawn of War" ... "If I seem a little zealous about this game it is because I am" ... Space marines, Orks, Eldar, Chaos ... Hmm, as an old-school 40k player I must say - after I am 'done' with Halo2 I will simply have to pick this up! ... "My favorite feature in the game is the ability to paint your armies"
* SNL is a bunch of "pathetic losers" ... " shows Santa and Rudolph skipping over the Red States (referred to on a map as Dumbf*ckistan)" ... way to insult 63+M people, all at once!
* Ozone, Climate Change, etc. ... "The trouble is nobody knows whether the effect will speed up global warming or slow it down."
* Saturn evolving
* In-Flight TV? ... via broadband!?
* Preaching against materialism, whilst controlling a $multi-billion industry and having every need tended too? ... someone disagrees with the Pope
* More thoughts on armor for our troops
* LightScribe ... burn CDs, DVDs ... and print labels ... all from one drive? Nice!
* More on Moore ... going international with his lies
* 10 worst products of the year ... avoid bad gifts, or re-gifting :)
* The Constitution Society ... "is a private non-profit organization dedicated to research and public education on the principles of Constitutional Republican government"
* Experimenting with Magnetorheological Fluids ... from Science Toys, they also sell a book and have a catalog
* Cool Lego Stuff ... like a one-way gear, a Hoberman Octahedron, U-joint, the Dilbert cast(!), etc ... and check out some seriously+cool Lego stuff here
* Huge (Inter-Continental) Brown Cloud ... interesting & scary
* Hyper-History Online
* Medieval Demographics for Fantasy Worlds ... "how many Knights should be in this kingdom?
* Museum of Unworkable Devices
Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks, 2nd Edition ... is WinXPsp2 really so scary to some that it requires a book??
* Google fixes Desktop Search Tool
* Game Theory resources ... including games!
* Some info on URL Obfuscation ... and how not to fall for it
* Britney Spear's Guide to Semiconductor Physics ... similar to RouterGod's interviews :) ... such as Paris Hilton on CCIE Storage
* DNA = data storage?

* New OOTS ... what kind of wizard spends time making THAT? :)
* Worst 11 Geek Gifts
* Schools see economic benefits in not teaching students how to read ... books is not important
* Santa goes on Atkins
* Shell 'invents' the universe's most abundant element
* Top Ten Drunken Family Arguments this Christmas
* Two Jews found in agreement! ... "Jewish scientific community was rocked this week by reports of an unprecedented discovery"
* Ken Jennings = broke ... gambling addiction
* Kinkade announces his ownership of Christmas
* Hitler Orchestrated Holocaust with Palm Pilot
* New MS patch prevents IE suers from downloading FireFox
* True: The Ig Nobel Prize ... "something that first makes people LAUGH, then makes them THINK"
* True: Homemade Segway(TM) , or - even better - homemade One-Wheeled, Self-Balancing, Motorized, Unicycle ("Eunicycle")
* Game: Play Diablo (flash game)
* In Case of Internet Shut-Down

Quote of the Day
Safia: You're just sittin there watching me?
Sean: No, I have creepy music playing to.
... Thanks BASH

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