Somebody's got a case of the Mondays

* Jury recommends DEATH penalty for Scott Peterson * Merry (soon-to-be) Christmas! ... check out the lights, someone has too much free time! ... and a Happy Chanukah! (almost over now)
* Iraq: 8 Marines killed ... prayers and grievances for them and to their family, friends and brothers-in-arms
* Ukraine: Yushchenko WAS poisoned - dioxin ... and Was it the KGB?
* Alaska tanker spill still ongoing ... this is the same accident that 6 USCG died mid-rescue
* Terrorist arrested ... Taliban -1 leader
* Iraq: Convoy hit and 2 Iraqi crime-fighters killed
* China buckles? ... will tax exported textiles
* Karzai says OBL is nearby ... so let's get him!
* Saddam's deputies on Hunger Strike in prison ... let them starve, save us the trouble of a trial! ... UPDATE: Hunger-strike is over ... I am sure we are all relieved that this stressful ordeal has come to an end ...
* Billionaire, & Presidential Pardon Recipient, involved in Oil-for-Food scam ... already been tagged 'Pardon-gate' - HA! ... more blemishes for Clinton's legacy!
* Oracle pay $10.3B for PS ... finally :)
* Women in combat?
* Girl born without face ... worst case of Treacher Collins Syndrome those doctors have seen ... send some prayers that way!
* Oil still (relatively speaking) low ... $40.33, only $5-10 over where it should be!
* This is why SPAM still exists ... people keep buying from it
* Another stupid lawsuit ... against WalMart, for $74.5k, for hearing f**k?
* Philippines bombed ... 15 dead, 60 wounded - prayers & grievances to their family & friends!
* China & Russia having joint military exercises

* "The Case for Christ" ... an excellent read that builds, as the title implies, the case for Christ - as the Son of God, Son of Man and God in the flesh ... from the eyes of a skeptic, trying to discover the truth
* Introducing SwarmStreaming!
* More thoughts on Iraq ... a must read!
* CPU speed +24% ... IBM, AMD introduce 'dual stress liner' ...
* Some thoughts on Iraq
* People travel to Canada instead of US ... so sorry we are trying to make ourselves safer, our bad ...
* New Satellite system ... and concerns about the $$$
* Grand Cherokee vs. Audi TT vs. BMW 325 ... go Jeep go!
* Earth to Mars life swap?
* More thoughts on Intel Reform ... and immigration control
* Atomic keyring ... cool, except those of us in the US cannot get it :(
* Linux wins TCO vs Windows?
* NASA -1 Administrator
* Daschle Got Blogged ... "and how online journalism is transforming politics"
* Sun gets an ultrasound
* More thoughts on Coal Reefs, and Global Warming
* World's tallest tower being built
* Penn State - "Don't use IE"
* Hillary's transformation already beginning ... gotta stop her ...
* Home Video Sharing ... with a name like Digital Silo, its got to be good ... ?
* Terrorists vs brothels
* Thoughts on Hillary
* Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean we have to take you seriously .. more wrap-up of Election04
* Some more thoughts on the UN, Kofi
* Your brain - more interconnected than previously thought
* Legos + Star Wars + Game = Winner! ... supporting the XBOX, sweet!
* MS enters Desktop Search ... well, in beta
* Deadlines killing you - literally? ... more heart-attack fun
* Don't stop taking NSAIDs! ... more heart-attack fun
* Michael Moore - admitted radical ... attacking the 'centrist' democrats, and a response or two

* New OOTS! ... who could take a bard seriously? ... and if you are really serious: (Pre)Order the Book!
* Dilbert - Knowledge is Power
* 100 DVD "Ultimate Complete Matrix Collection" released
* Baby: The Perils of Poop
* Peterson issued a Lifetime Channel sentence
* Kerik : OBL was my gardener
* New Bush Cabinet to have a 'Designated Dissenter'
* GOP : Clinton stole Santa
* Baby: You're big, you're small
* Jewish Barbie?
* True?: Always make sure your penis is dressed properly ... I wonder what kind of party requires these?? :P (thankfully - no pix)
* Howard Dean's Christmas Wish List ... hahahahhhaahhaaaaa

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Be1ial: remember the old arcade games that had a message from the president about saying no to drugs?
Krizkor: haha yeah.
Krizkor: because of that blue screen before mortal kombat, i stayed off drugs.
Krizkor: but unfortunately, i began pulling people's spines out.
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