Sure Happy It's Thursday

* New OBL tape ... ridicules US, Saudis, World
* Iraq: More insurgent strikes
* Find a fake bomb in your luggage recently? ... please return it to Newark airport, where they lost it
* Official - Symantec is buying Veritas ... "stock deal worth about $13.5 billion"
* 2004 was a hot year
* Another recall ... local Trustee won't say the Pledge of Allegiance" ... Bravo to those recalling his tuckus!
* More on the failed Interceptor Missile test
* Iraq: Likely that al-Zarqawi is in Baghdad now
* Please observe a Moment of Silence today ... in honor of those who died during the "Battle of the Bulge", which started on this date, 60 years ago.
* Ohio Supreme Court - throws out election challenge
* Flu shots may end up going to waste?

* Excellent article, by Mr. Greenspan, written in 1967 - arguing for a global Gold-standardized monetary system ... "confiscation through inflation"
* New & Improved Mars Rover
* Bay Area +1 fault?
* Robots learn to run
* Housing hits speed bump? ... "while some economists said the drop bears watching, they also said it was probably too soon to say it meant the housing bubble was ready to burst"
* Chevy Chase, still misguided ... "potty-mouthed Bush-bashing"
* Broadband via airship ... Angel Technologies, Halo ... wait - these use GPS to navigate (see next link :P )
* US could shut down GPS in the event of an emergency ... "government-ordered shutdown or jamming of the GPS satellites would be done in ways to limit disruptions to navigation and related systems outside the affected area"
* First official, real WiMax chip released? ... WiMax, aka "IEEE 802.16-2004"
* Quantum Astronomy?
* Is you site being overloaded? ... join the crowd
* "Christian Rock" concert canceled ... "concerns over having religious music played in a public school" ... another example of what is going wrong in this country. Not that I am a fan of 'Christian Rock', but come on ...
* John Hopkins notes regarding Dioxin ... don't freeze water in plastic bottles? ... no plastics in Microwaves?
* Coulter's latest article - the Lose-Lose party?
* Cel Phones for Soldiers
* Iran: Terrorist recruiters operating publicly
* NYTimes, anti-Christian? ... the devil you say! Merry Christmas!
* ACLU being sued for Defamation ... sweet!
* Various views of Earth ... and some visual games therein
* ACLU's Suppression of Knowledge
* Previous study flawed, 'the pill' doesn't reduce risk of breast cancer, heart disease
* Dual-GPU Video Card ... can I get that to go (in my laptop)?
* Bad Science awards
* Off the Record messaging ... but still encrypted ... !

* New OOTS! ... divide up the loot!
* Democrats embark on fact-finding mission to Nascar
* Rumsfeld constructs more armor, breaks Laws of Physics
* SAA = Warp Gate?
* Kerik's nanny : member of al-Qaeda
* Controversy erupts over word ‘Snowman’
* White House announces New Color Alert System, in five shades of red
* New search engine - Jewgle
* A Toll-Free Help Center actually helps someone
* Game: Adventure Elf
* Tony Danza steals Christmas, escapes to Mexico
* Christian Youth Leader preaches "Cool" aspects of abstinence with "Make Pizza, Not Love" Campaign
* True: Leroy, the redneck reindeer - causing a ruckus?
* White House responds to a Concerned Citizen
* Google answers some of life's meaningful questions
* Thoughts on modern Christianity
* Lego Logic!
* True: 34 DWI's!

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Quote of the Day
Dubious|Laptop: Gotta go give a training session on Cisco. Later.
pdX}aldawg: Isn't Cisco a form of oil they sell at supermarkets?
Dubious|Laptop: That's Crisco. It's not often that you find someone who is both technology and culinary-impaired, but you have shattered that paradigm.
Thanks BASH ... edited for grammar & punctuation ...

Quote of the Day #2
On the twelfth day of Christmas,
My teenager gave to me,
Twelve hours of napping,
Eleven fights with sister,
Ten girls-a-calling,
Nine hours of Playstation,
Eight piles of laundry,
Seven CDs blaring,
Six late assignments,
Five mumbled words,
Four filthy plates,
Three slammed doors,
Two dirty looks,
And a math test marked with an "E."
Thanks to Cativa ... mine is only ~5 months, so I've got a year or 12 before I need to worry about this!

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