Thank God It's Friday

* This is the single MOST reprehensible thing I have ever heard of:
Amber Alert issued for Fetus Cut From Womb ... and more details here
* UPDATE: Baby found alive? ... our grievances still go out to the murdered mother

* Another IE vuln ... css related, affects IE6 (incl WinXPsp2), "vulnerability is caused due to an error in the DHTML Edit ActiveX control when handling the "execScript()" function in certain situations. This can be exploited to execute arbitrary script code" ... TEST HERE
* Adobe Acrobat has a vuln or three as well! ... recommends that everyone upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.0.3
* Bush to sign the Intel reform bill today ... creates 'Director, National Intelligence' position
* Need $10k? Join the 'Guard ... they seem to be having some recruiting problems, $15k bonus for 'experienced soldiers'
* Gunman on the loose in LA Cathedral ... UPDATE: Gunman commits suicide ... in a church. Is that two strikes at once?
* DHS having some Security / Network problems? ... I happen to know a Network Engineer who has a keen interest in InfoSec (ahem) ...
* Major climate change occurred 5,200 years ago: evidence suggests that history could repeat itself
* Prison within a Prison? ... CIA, Gitmo
* BE stock below $8! ... approaching $7.50! (and in this case, BE != Blog Explosion :) ... BE = Bearingpoint)
* Man donates Social Security benefits to charity ... Awesome!
* *Step 1: Drink & do drugs *Step 2: Kill lover Step *3: Make a stew ... sick! Found via ItIsWhatItIs
* Pfizer : Celebrex = Heart Risk ... well, when taken in 2x doses anyway ... Bextra a problem as well? ... and Pfizer stock tumbles a bit ... dragging everyone else down too
* Arson suspect in custody ... and he can't seem to keep his mouth shut, thankfully! ... and UPDATE: Aaron Speed has now confessed to (atleast) being involved!
* Christmas is not illegal everywhere ... "Christian candy" is OK
* Some thoughts on the global impacts of the dollar's slide ... alarmist or realistic?
* Man saves 4 from burning house ... in Heampstead
* "new ballots" found in Wash (State, not DC) ... Dems trying to steal another election?

* Fascinating (and long) read on ID, Evolution, Creationism, etc. ... and two of the supporting links: ... and
* SF trying to outlaw all firearms? ... and some thoughts on that from Digger
* Let's take a peek at how the UN treats 'whistle-blowers'
* Iraqi child alerts US soldier to mine on roadside ... found link via GOPBloggers.org
* Thoughts on Intelligent Design (ID) ... for and against ... and* source article, and more on Flew's no-longer-atheist views
* MS to help fight Spyware ... Ironically, they bought "Giant Software" ... but"security" might cost you
* Some thoughts on Moore
* Paratrooper's comments on Christmas, ACLU, and the Constitution
* Polymeal vs Polypill ... heart attack avoidance
* Exploring Andromeda
* Comments on Bush's economic vision
* Shuttle getting cleared to fly
* True Heroes ... one last heroic act. MSM seems to not care.
* ICANN adds $.75 surcharge for .NET domains ... more ICANN craziness
* Another way to help the Iraqi children
* Bush got 62M+ votes in 2004 ... and Ohio has RE-certified their results, same as previous time :P ... and for the record, my % prediction for the result was pretty close if you go by EV not PV, if you go by PV I was off by 4% :(
* Google Suggest ... 'predictive search' ... NICE!
* Tiny Flash memory
* MSNBC -1 Norville
* More on MS's latest round of hole plugging
* ESCR progress being made ... in rats, anyway. I think the real question is whether this could have been accomplished with Non-Embryonic Stem Cells? ... ESCR still a very slippery slope that requires much care, if it is to be tread at all ...

* OBL demands to be named Person of the Year
* MS releases VirusGen05
* Smart" Missile Defense System test refuses to launch
* Bush Releases list of Medal of Freedom runners-up
* Ex-suicide bombers blast virgins-for-martyrs swindle
* Physics Teacher earns praise, criticism for "applied" exams
* Baby: Bedjacking
* Christmas Trees cause soo much stress
* True: How to make Half-Life 2 cookies ... a pictorial guide ... link found via BBSpot

Quote of the Day
Filefront|Juice: The French version of Halo2's campaign mode is only 1 minute long. Master chief lands on Earth and the Covenant surrender.
Thanks BASH!

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