Again - I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $14,074,777.50 to date!

*IRAQ: al-Zarqawi arrested! ... still developing, awaiting confirmation ... "TOP WHITE HOUSE SOURCE CALLS ARREST REPORT 'DUBIOUS'" ... damn.
* Bush starts outlining Social Security changes ... "cutting benefits"? What, from $0 to $0? The entire Social inSecurity system is naught but a Ponzi Scheme that CANNOT survive without major modifications!
* Iraq: 5 GIs killed, Governor of Baghdad (+6 bodyguards) assassinated ... and a bomb killed 10 others elsewhere - condolences for them all ... on a better note : good news from Iraq ... and How the Left Betrayed My Country ... and did you see the above link about al_Zarqawi (possibly) having been captured??
* Congress to gain a permanent Security Committee?
* Earthquake: UN bungling aid attempt/delivery? ... speaking of aid delivery : Tribes (once feared to have been wiped out) attack relief helicopters with bows and arrows
* Vince Neil drops the ole F-bomb on The Tonight Show ... Howard and his listeners will doubtlessly call for fines :)
* Krispy Kreme - cooking more than just donuts? Like their finances? ... re-stating earnings, accusations of badness
* Nuclear Egypt?

* How does 2Mbps ISP service for $2.30/month sound? ... well, then move to India ... :(
* Michael's thoughts on minimum wage ... including a nice, 'hypothetical' scenario / example
* Terrorists targeting our children?
* Tech Toys for Tots
* How do you clean gecko's feet?
* Your passport goes WiFi ... security concerns thereof. Thanks FARK
* Some thoughts on rich countries, saving lives and freedom ... " there is a significant link between the freedom of a nation's economy and its prosperity"
* Not news: Blockbuster will die. News:So will NetFlix. ... dunno if I agree with that, but still interesting. Thanks FARK
* Michael's thoughts on the Wash State debacle ... election stolen ... and : detailed analysis here
* Tsunami false alarms never funny, and truly tasteless now ... Thanks FARK
* Harry Reid, Senate Minority Insulter
* 60k fake AMD CPUs busted
* WiFi for you Treo650?
* RePost: New calendar ... reposting because I LIKE THIS IDEA, especially the unified time concept (everyone, everywhere would use GMT)
* Flesh Eating Bacteria strikes in Oregon ... gruesome picture included
* Cool Astronomical Pix
* Sneak-Peek of MS's upcoming Anti-SpyWare tool
* What really happens during a gunfight ... thanks FARK
* 50 state rundown on gay marriage laws ... related : Virginia to consider amendment on marriage in 2006
* How much salsa is needed, here is the science
* The Nuclear Weapon Archive ... pix and time-lines of Nuclear Tests, etc.
* Jesus gives us the power (to decide)
* Some thoughts on the UN's 'secret' meeting
* Wanna be interviewed?
* Intelligent women less likely to get married? ... not in my wife's case!
* BabyURL ... convert long URLs into more-easily readable ones ... like this shortened version of the Amazon Tsunami Relief Pay Box :)
* Don't ever confuse Greek Gods with Roman Gods again
* Italy casting Wall of Air around David (the statue)
* Troops play Halo!

* New OOTS ... cheap potions ... volume, volume, volume ... HEY - OOTS book ready, pre-orders being accepted here
* No more car radio 'bundling'
* Vitamins cause Child Werewolf Syndrome
* War now defined as ‘Economic Stimulus Package’
* Government Officials Caught in Call-Girl Sting
* Bill Clinton's Kissing Booth Leads U.S. As Funding Source
* McEnroe vs. Danza (Battle of the TV Talk Show Lightweights!)
* Baby: Christmas Re-Review
* 2004 in review
* Blood Alcohol Level of %.9 ... almost double the 'life-threatening' level ... damn ... thanks FARK
* Amateur Embalmist
* NSFW: Saddam + OBL connection found
* True?: Pop Tart Blow Torches
* The Shizzolator ... 'translate' regular sits into Dogg-ese ... HA!

Quote of the Day
@HEMI: I'm tempted to start going to work in ripped jeans/shirts and tell them that's all I can afford on what they're paying me.
thanks BASH

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