* University of Oregon BANS Support Of The Troops ... read the article, react accordingly ... and Malkin adds a thought or two, and a pic worth seeing ... and everyone should say "Thanks!" to our troops!

Quick Thoughts
* To the Acura that was driving 5MPH today - learn to drive, or stay home! Yes, the residential roads were not perfectly clear BUT IF YOU CAN'T GET UP TO A SPEED THAT EXISTS ON MY SPEEDOMETER YOU DON'T BELONG ON THE ROAD! </rant>
* A quick Thank You to al-Zarqawi for telling the world that al-Qaida doesn't just hate the US - they hate freedom, democracy, and everyone who supports them (and "participants in the upcoming election are enemies of Islam"). He's like a recruiting officer for the militaries of the right-thinking nations of the world!
* Congrats to the Patriots and the Eagles ... heading to the 'Bowl! (My Redskins, sadly, will only be going if they buy a ticket :( )
* Anyone have any experience, good or bad, with the VPEP 529 program? I am getting ready to sign up for Riley and would appreciate any input ... ?
* While I am blegging for info : anyone recommend a good brand/model of tires for, say, a Jeep Wrangler? Looking for something ~33" ... keeping in mind that I (obviously) want something reasonably capable off-road, but also that I commute ~60 miles a day so they have to do well on asphalt as well! (I currently have the stock rims, so can't go toooo wide either!)
* A quick shout out to our DC-Metro weatherpeople; thanks for getting everything 100% wrong, thank you for building up the hype/excitement/fear for no reason whatsoever, and thank you for also getting it wrong by MISSING THE (admittedly light) SNOW WE ARE GETTING NOW. You guys are great. Seriously, you deserver a HUGE (negative) RAISE!

* Iraq: Car Bomb near Allawi HQ, 2 killed ... condolences to their families! ... and al-Zarqawi claims responsibility ... and al-Zarqawi's car-bomb-mastermind captured?
* Sex Offender-Kidnapper caught ... and the 11yr old was found safe
* Germany nabs a terror suspect or two
* Lunar colony to run on moon dust and robots ... All I want is a frigging secret base on the moon with a laser ... I shall call it a "Death Star"
* HP reorg in the works?
* Viagra good for your enlarged ... heart? ... and then you get some good, vigorous, aerobic exercise, right?
* 'Global Warming Point of No Return' - 10 years or less from now
* Oil hits 8wk high "due to increased demand" ... damn ... and it is going higher ... or maybe the price is rising because OPEN is cutting production?
* Yushchenko + Putin, talks shaky?
* Indonesia +1 Earthquake (6.2)
* Israel is building its wall
* A few thoughts on the upcoming Iraqi elections ... "It doesn't matter to the liberal-socialists if Iraq elections are, in essence, successful; they will never admit it. The liberal-socialists will find some fault with the election to claim them illegitimate. Because if they don't, to admit elections were successful would be to give a victory to George Bush, and that is something they cannot allow. They would much rather have the U.S., the Iraqis, free elections, democracy, and freedom fail than to give credit to George Bush, and for that, they are pathetic."
* Court OKs Dog Sniff During Traffic Stop ... excellent! Found via CHT!
* Terri's Law Tossed ... "right to die" in question ... FWIW I agree with the "right to die"; however I don't believe her husband should be allowed to proceed. There are lots of issues still being questioned around her husband, his motivation, and his possible involvement. (Comments updated 02/14/05-TJ)
* Speaking of right to die - this convicted serial killer is trying to skip his last appeal, and people are stopping him!?
* Deficits, Social inSecurity
* Dem activists charged in the tire slashing case! ... related to current and former political representatives!
* Iraq'ish: Bus asking for (another) $80B
* Remember Elian Gonzalez? 'Traumatized' people suing US for $13M
*FERMI-II Nuclear Power Plant in Michigan shut-down due to "non-radioactive coolant leak"

* In case you didn't know, Soros is bad
* Dodge - we only want to appeal to guys ... no chickie cars
* The joys of the EPO button ... and a good read for anyone who has a data center :)
* Who said "The evil that destroyed six million Jews and others in those camps is one that still threatens all of us today."
* 3 Scientists infected with 'Rabbit Fever'
* Google entering the VOIP game? .. in the UK
* Not-so-Neo-Conservative?
* Pentagon runs clandestine intelligence-gathering infrastructure ... is it just me, or does the title of the article sound like it is trying to scare you? Does it really surprise anyone that spying/surveillance is keep a little secret? How effective would it be if it were 'in the open'? And naturally, the Pentagon denies it ... then again, maybe this secret unit is the group that found Saddam?... maybe they can find OBL too?
* ISS crew have their first EVA Wednesday
* Some still can't understand how/that Kerry lost ... "If it were an honest election, I would say that Bush would have lost" - (cough) 3.5MILLION AMERICANS disagree!
* Hillary still attempting to continue her transformation ... just don't fall for it!
* Free HTML stuffage
* Speculation : Apple to jump in bed with Sony after buying TiVo?
* NASA to fight for Hubble after all?
* Learning machine?
* IBM might not be allowed to sell its PC unit to Lenovo(China)
* Retraction: No Yahoo baby
* "US Stem Cell research in danger" ... embryonic, that is. The more proven, and currently useful/productive, (adult) stem cell research/usefulness still all good
* Human to Human avian flu transmission
* MS will have to defend against 12(+?) patent infringement cases
* Fear in politics?
* Gummy Bear Breast Implants?
* Another Moonbat Martyr?
* From the West Coasters are weird file : $.17 per plastic bag
* Has Iraq Weakened Us?
* Interesting study of 'romantic relationships' in high school, mapped out
* Attempted mass-suicide in Gitmo (in 2003) ... (cough) and how would Allah reward that?
* MS, flying car ... Blue Screen of (plummeting to my) Death?
* More on the Cool-Party-Mom ... drugs, alcohol, sex ... certainly a different way to make up for you lost childhood, and a great way to ruin your soon-to-be-lost lost adulthood!
* More GBrowser rumors sure to follow - Google hires one of Firefox's developers ... speaking of which, USE FIREFOX!
* More on WiFi
* RSS to Java script!
* Virtual Keyboard!

* New OOTS! ... horses get spot checks, and Oprah is on at 4
* Saddam ‘hurt’ that Prince Harry did not go as him
* following inaugural events, Kucinich officially drops from 2004 election
* President’s inaugural speech crashes Google
* Pitt, Aniston split officially ends U.S. tsunami concern
* A lawsuit we can all 'support'
* Alien Insectoid Overlord ... Cheney has exoskeleton, needs no coat
* Sri Lanka pledges $35M in aid to US victims of Aniston-Pitt catastrophe
* Baby: Kid's Grocery Shopping Yields 80% Sugar
* Why to switch to Linux ... cyber-goats, fembots, lasers
* True: Search terms that get your to Para's blog
* Bunnies are suicidal? ... weird ...

Quote of the Day
subgenius : what's wrong with Canada?
crash3m_ : its like having a loft above a killer party
thanks BASH!

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