The best Friday within the last 6 days!

Quick Thoughts
* It's Friday - everyone relax, enjoy the day and try to leave work early. Enjoy! Oh, and watch BattleStar Galactica tonight!
* Hate reading/discussing/debating/ Politics? Love Freedom? I ask you - It is your choice -- be ignorant, shirk responsibility, and hide from world and lose money, freedom, and rights now and forever; or work hard, fight against oppression daily, and shine the light of truth on evil and enjoy freedom, prosperity, and justice ... gratuitously echoed from Ogre
* Click-tasm : I have signed up for another clickie, hence the big adds above here ... BlogBanners ... this is in addition to BlogClicker and BlogExplosion ... those links will (cough) help you sign-up, with me as your referrer ... :)
* Sports Junkies are apparently coming back on the air; mid-day @ JFK! (Does that mean O'Reilly is out? Damn! ... why don't they just drop Howard (since he is leaving anyway?) and keep the Junkies as a morning-drive show??)

* Just saw Meet the Fockers ... and all I can say is FUNNY! As good as the first, maybe better!

* Earthquake: Malaria threatening
* JFK Airport getting Iris Scanners? ... a way to skip the lines!
* Titan has a visitor! ... successfully landed, "first real telemetry from Huygens should reach Earth around 10:21 a.m. EST" and "first science data is anticipated to arrive by 11:15 a.m. EST" .. UPDATE(11:40am):all going well ... and pix arriving! ... images!
* Man busted for Ricin possession
* Earthquake: India is now willing to let outside aid come into the country ... well, how magnanimous of them ...
* Malware turning some off the net?
* Prince Harry being sent to Auschwitz ... and more here, and a note about January 27th!
* N. Korea coming back to the Nuclear talks?
* Bush : Social (in)Security plan will not cut benefits
* Weather: Ohio flooding some more
* Weather: Evac in Cali ... fear of dam leak in Riverside County
* BT's Broadband crashing and burning ... teeny-little glitch, aka a massive network failure
* Oil slipping downward just a bit
* S. Cali to get aerial drone surveillance
* Iraq: 28 Prisoners escape
* "No Under God" louse aiming to pull prayer from Inauguration ... this has to fail ...
* "Triangulating the War" ... revisionist current eventism (by the left)?
* Iraq: 3 GIs killed ... and 15 ING kidnapped
* Hammas supporters pushing US Sate Dept for 'Worldwide Islamophobia Report'
* Soldier gets a honorable welcome home, for his honorable service
* Throwing your mom out to some pit bulls not such a good idea
* Inauguration: Suspicious activity warning
* Iraq: Abu Ghraib, Graner convicted

* Thoughts on media in the US ... acting as a political party more than anything else, the American Mainstream Media Party (AMMP) ... excellent!
* WinXP + MSOXP Crack Generator ... totally defeats WPA ... hmm, interesting.
* Tetris, the worm?
* CNN disrespects bloggers ... which is OK, because bloggers (and everyone else?) disrespect CNN ...
* Anti-War Driving paint? ... blocks WiFi, etc. Sadly, not good for external applications :(
* Amazon Space Flight Center?
* Adopted kids get half the $$ too!
* Gateway reselling eMachines?
* Power-conscious DRAM
* BitTorrent Search Engine ... up, for now anyway :)
* Macy's to stop racial profiling ... too bad ...
* Virtual Snowflakes
* Wrestling spreads Herpes?
* Something special about Aluminum Clusters
* A call for Bounty Hunters / Mercenaries ... and here I thought that was a dead market, no pun intended
* No FCUK for you?
* Crop dust the enemy with X? ... "would make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other" ... and then "we send in the SEALs and clean up"
* Some thought son 'Article III' judges ... judicial activism at its best/worst ... and more thoughts here, specifically about the Supreme Court
* Academia : Elitist & Liberal ... is that a surprise to anyone?
* CBS alters their report, and tries to prevent copying-pasting?
* Anyone remember when the Dems where crying about Social inSecurity's problems? ... the crisis they now deny exists ... and PFA : ads regarding Social inSecurity reform
* True: Marry your Baby's Daddy Day
* DIY : Noise Canceling headphones
* Did you know GM seeds are licensed, and you only get the one "generation"?
* Oracle cutting 5k, mostly ex-PS employees we presume
* UFOs are real?
* Blue Bracelets for whiny losers : "I sort of felt ashamed, and didn't really want to be associated with being an American" ... then go back to London

* Planet getting dimmer? ... and I don't mean dumber, although that may apply as well :(
* P2P 'seeders' to be targeted next
* More on Social inSecurity ... and a simple fix, from CATO
* NC : About to get more taxes?
* Food Timeline ... interesting factoids, like - we've had wine since 6000BC ...
* Boeing Q4 profits wiped out
* Lutherans to permit Gay Clergy? ... found via It Is What It Is
* Some thoughts on church & state
* Some thoughts on Richard Clarke's latest garbage pilebook
* 60Minutes-Wednesday, and Rather, to get the ax after all?
* Postcard from Afghanistan
* Dems whining in Georgia ... trying to play the race card ...
* Swiss Banks (FINALLY!) releasing account info from Nazi victims
* RIP : Media Lab Europe ... and some thoughts on the 'culture of sponsorship' that Europe is missing?
* Curing diseases modern medicine has left behind

* So, where are the WMDs? ... from MarkLevinFan :)
* Comic: Dilbert : no connection between effort & reward
* Comic: Ah, yes - taunt the gormless
* Bill Bennett given control of social security funds
* Republicans posing as Iraqis prompt election-fraud concerns
* Destruction of Food Pyramid distressing Egyptians
* Is laughing at a Diabetes joke insensitive? ... but, seriously, it is funny ... and read the comments, others left good 'poems' as well!
* Elves Of Valinor Warn Of "Critical Security Flaw" In Palantír Browsers
* In meals protest, Delta pilots eat garbage during flight
* Lance Armstrong to compete in Tour de Iraq
* CNN listens to Stewart, cancels Crossfire
* Indonesia welcomes foreign aid with closed fists
* True: Stupid warning label
* True: PETA releasing a video game : Grand Left Auto ... you run around saving animals. You can't make this stuff up!
* Bet you wish you could say these things ...
* (funny) If we're lucky, the comet will be filled with creamy nougat

Quote of the Day
* Earning money would be fun if it wasn't so taxing.
thanks Another Day, Another Play!

* halfbakedbuzzard: my next door neighbors house is on fire
halfbakedbuzzard: brb, gotta get the camera
thanks BASH!

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