Busy Days

... in real life, that is. Not many posts just yet :(

* Magnesium fire @ plant in Indiana , evac ensues
* Mother used bleach to kill daughter ... and Mother & son tag-team rape?
* Japanese baby gets six organ transplant
* Amber Alert in NC : biological parents kidnaps kids from foster home
* Iraq: Poll attacks planned ... that's what security it for, right?
* US performing secret* missions inside Iran? ... * - or, not so secret, now?
* Earthquake: Official Death Toll rises to 162k+
* Iraq: US launches new offensive in Mosul
* Space Weather CME event!

* Excellent discussion on the church & state thing ... "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God."
* Payola!
* Islam, the religion of peace? ... tip o' the hat to Jeff Gindy! ... or perhaps Islam has been hijacked?
* Kennedy bloviates some more ... "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam" ... (cough)Easy to comment from the sidelines, eh, Ed? (I know it is - I am doing it now!)
* RePost: Read the bible, get 47 years in jail? ... this cannot stand ...
* A Mandatory assignment from MVRWC : right a letter to Foothill College!
* 2008 : Condi v Hillary?
* Puerto Rico now sad the USAF base is closing ... no more US $ for you
* Technorati +tags
* LiveJournal suffers outage
* Another site detailing the MANY failures of the UN
* "In order to control this countries density, we must control our borders"
* "Until Then" ... thanksNashif!
* Party needs work?

* True: Moore's high school doesn't like him that much
* ... later, need to move furniture all over Northern Virginia - woopie! ... OK, its later!
* True: 4"nails in your skull can cause a toothache
* Crafty Gene isolated
* The Magic Infinity Ball

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