The End of the World!

Quick Thoughts
* ... end of the world, 6" of snow - same-same ... 07:15 and no snow in VA yet (UPDATE@08:00 - snow gently falling now ... UPDATE@08:15 - snow stopped :( ). And NYC, stealing my thunder, is expecting 18" of snow, Blizzard! Rust Belt to get ~15" ... in other news, expect Comair to go offline any minute now ... (that last statement is not based on any facts ... yet)
* Gastric bypass surgery helped a man lose 500lbs, and he still ways 600lbs. HOW DO YOU LET YOURSELF GET TO WEIGH OVER 1000lbs??? Don't get me wrong, I am not in great shape and could stand to lose a fair amount of weight, but to be 800lbs overweight?? (he is trying to get down to 200lbs, about where I should be FWIW).

* Iraq: 8 Chinese hostages freed ... after China caves to the terrorists and issues a (worthless?) advisory banning Chinese nationals from entering Iraq
* al-Aqsa ready for ceasefire with Israel?
* Iraq: Chalabi arrested for bank fraud
* US Air reaches deal with union, saves $200M+
* Backward thinking in the UN? No?!
* RePost: Georgia manhunt still on for kidnapper ... and seriously, look at the guys picture - that screams molester

* Office morale boosters
* WiFi : Good for you, good for hackers ... does that make it a win-win? :) ... the good for pedophiles part is bad ...
* PE Builder - make a CD Bootable Windows! ... think Knoppix, but with Windows :) ... can then read NTFS, and you can tweak it with 'plugins'!
* TechTV, etc. video clips - FREE!
* Verizon, email, lawsuit
* Wow, do you realize how easy it is to get someone else's credit report? ... that is scary/bad, and no wonder ID theft is all over the place :(

* True: NY Rep 'assaults' traffic cop
* Green, grassy Titan - not for smokers

Quote of the Day
knobboy: I hate physics
knobboy: Having to learn all this stuff about wave and frequency is killing me
knobboy: Some might even say it MHz
thanks Bash! ... edited for content :)

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