The First Day of the rest of his Presidency

* How do you spell hypocrisy? A.C.L.U. ... damn straight! ... (ACLU, 'champions of free speech', are punishing members of their board for talking to reporters.)
* FCC -1 Chairman ... Powell stepping down today, I am sure Stern is elated
* Iraq: Another car bomb, 14 killed ... Condolences & prayers for all of those affected
* FBI adds 10 to the Terror watchlist
* Weather: NV caught off guard by snow, in state of emergency ... kids trapped in schools, drivers trapped in grocery stores ... good times!
* Murderess/Fetus-Snatcher pleads not guilty ... death penalty being sought by prosecutor!
* Delta posts HUGE loss - $2.2B in Q4! ... $5.2B for the year!
* Thoughts on Bush's Inaugural speech ... and a thought on how Kerry might have responded to Lincoln's speech ... and more thoughts on the Inauguration ... and ProtestWarrior members get physically attacked by "Antiwar Protesters", ahhh - the irony
* One inch of snow shuts down the Air marshals? ... on the eve of the inauguration, no less
* Mystery Oil Slick on Cali
* Redford blathers some more ... just like before
* I am finally going to get my snow! ... 5-9" tomorrow through Sunday!
* Body of kidnapped 19yr old found in Texas, perp in custody ... condolences for her, and prayers to her family/friends!
* Govt has blocked 'dozens' of people from entering into the US from Canada
* Amber Alert for the 42yr old child molester (who snatched an 11yr old) still active! ... prayers here as well!
* Iraq: Beheading video?
* Pittsburgh : Elementary students attempt to hijack a bus

* George Bush - American Revolutionary?
* StarCarft patch (1.12) coming soon
* More on Hillary's "transformation"
* Stan Lee getting his back-pay!
* Ever think of carrying 63 cats in your truck? She did.
* A peek inside the CELL architecture
* Some (cough) support for the Liberal protests ... oh, and BTW - all of ~500-1000 people showed up to protest Bush ... kinda a sad turn-out, I think even I could rally more than that! :)
* Jan24 to be the worst day of the year?
* This is why Google is the best ... right up until the Google interview process nixed them :)
* Novell makes SuSe 9.2 free
* Sentinix - Free, Security Focused, Linux Distro .. haven't tried it yet (still DLing :)), so just FYI
* Rats show that having low aerobic capacity is bad for your heart ... isn't that kind of intuitive?
* Charging Pad, powers all devices?
* Wanna work for Blizzard?
* EU, translates into "money-grubbing, corrupt cretins" ... and their definition of free trade? How about an example : "Thailand's prawn industry is "too competitive" with the EU's prawn industry - so they've slapped a high tariff on Thai prawns"
* Some thoughts on Universal Service ... another form of taxation ...
* Govenator says no to tax hikes!
* More on "campus conservatives"
* Women can lower their blood pressure through massage ... I think men just need the remote and a beer or 7 (and for their wife to go out (with the kid(s), if applicable) and get a massage)
* King County has a bronze statue of Lenin ... and some (more) thoughts on the stolen election in Wash state
* Malkin, More on Specter's continuing disappointments
* Invent-a-sport?
* Methane rivers & rain ... on Titan
* Full Moon names ... Jan25 is Wolf Moon
* Sun very active ... caused a radio blackout ...
* Mother gave baby crack
* A review of a book by someone who is probably WAY smarter than you - "Know It All"
* The "cool" mom : holds sex & drug parties for kids ... and by "cool" I mean the one about to go to jail, lose her children and be publicly maligned :)
* NASA (to be) -1 Hubble; service mission $ cut from budget
* Exeem P2P goes beta!
* Is the Middle East ready for Democracy?
* Cool pics and story-line from the "Anti-Terrorism rally in Berkeley, on January 16, 2005" .. don't forget to read through part 2 as well!
* Tucson’s Center for Biological Diversity lies, now owes Rancher $600k!
* Furriners?
* taqiyya responsible for the murder of the Egyptian Christians one week ago? ... and more here
* More on the "when we say 'every vote counts' we really mean 'let's steal the election'"
* Govt Greed?? IN NY??

* Star Wars, in ASCII! ... thanks Paul!
* OBL sad about lack of press coverage
* Baby Doping on the rise
* Does Doom3 (or its box, anyway) live up to the hype?
* Lady hopes Bush's healing words can help her plant
* America Needs More National Crises, Says Report
* PJII to compete in 2008 Olympics
* Ted Kennedy to the rescue
* Inauguration marred by Bush appearance
* Wait staff tired of sleeping with each other
* Caption : This is the Striking Hawk, and can disembowel a man in 8 seconds
* Caption : I'm John Kerry, and I am not reporting for duty
* True: A post-mortem look at things that just didn't stick around ... MTG, Mr Bungle, Black Isle Studios,

Quote of the Day
Snowy_Duck : Intellegence - the new minority.
... spelling intentionally not corrected, and thanks Bash!

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