The First Thursday of the Rest of Your Life

Again - I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $14,678,424.42 to date! (not going up as fast as before - keep giving people, remember that there are months of aid-related work left!!)

* Iraq: 7 US Marines killed ... actually 9 killed ... two incidents, prayers to/for all of them!
* 'Under God' under fire again ... al because the USSC sidestepped the issue back in June ... let's just hope they get it right this time and slap this guy (and whoever else he has signed up) away
* Earthquake: 'Displaced dangers' for tsunami workers
* WorldCom directors to pay $54M to settle suit! ... atleast someone is paying!
* US probing Gitmo abuse charges ... and Australian terror suspect says we shipped him to Egypt to be tortured
* Cali pensions to get a shake-up
* Murder suspect in NY 'slips away' ... and by 'slips away' I mean he WALKED OUT OF THE HOSPITAL? maybe he should have had a guard or three? Apparently there is some confusions over whether the cops were there or not :(
* Iraq: 1 Marine from the 1MEF killed in Al Anbar ... and Bodies of 18 Iraqi's found ... condolences & prayers!
* Malpractice reform FINALLY coming! ... very related to tort reform, to stop stupid lawsuits ...
* Iraq: Excellent review of Friedman's excellent review of Iraq ... I may not totally agree with his statements/conclusions, and he is sure to upset everyone, but still a very worthwhile read!
* More on Deserter Hassoun
* New UN HQ - for $1.3B of our $? ... how about NO. Read the post, and then sign the petition .. and sign the petition calling for Kofi's ousting as well!
* Murderess goes free (for now) ... another example of our legal system gone wrong, atleast she is getting re-tried - maybe she'll get the death penalty this time? ... and another post here ... and as usual, Malkin has a lot of interesting things to say
* The Bow-tie has been canned ... no more Carlson for Crossfire, and perhaps no more Crossfire for CNN? FOXNEWS kicks their butt anyway ... hey, and CFG named their new President.
* Why terrorists DESERVE NO Geneva Convention RIGHTS
* US Air can scarp contracts, pensions, etc ... "The airline says it needs the cuts immediately to avoid liquidation within weeks" ... big carriers all having problems, Delta's new price war not going to help!
* "Who's in charge of Microsoft, anyway?" ... MS presentation hit by a glitch or two :)
* CD sales grow
* US not in the top 10 list of free economies? ... due to the TAX RATE!
* AARP going fund-raising to stop Social inSecurity reform ... stop the AARP, and stop the ACLU too!

* Cao - the peace movement is naught but a tool for the left?
* Iraq: Review of the Abu Graib torture
* XBOX2 patents posted ... I am about to lose another $250(?) :) ...
* 'Infertile' cancer woman has baby
* Kodak releases (partially-)WiFi-enabled camera
* More anti-Christian actions ... facing 47 years for reading The Bible
* The Anti-AARP?
* Your mummy wants an XRAY
* Interplay almost shut down by lawsuit ... survive because they aren't based in France?
* Evil landmines ... even when trying to to do the right thing the US (and/or Bush) gets vilified
* RedState flip-flops? ... now (rightly) supports a re-vote in Wash State
* Ohio recount - Dems trying to look dumb? ... and more here ... and good review of the situation here ... and a jab or two at Kerry's non-effort, similar to his presidential candidacy ... or his military service ... or his entire life ...
* 'Intellectual liberals' and 'Conservative Evangelicals' teaming up? I think not.
* Cali bans a firearm that has never been used in a crime - the .50cal BMG ... way to fight crime! (note the sarcasm)
* Belief without proof - a question from Edge
* Log Cabin Republicans a bit misguided?
* LA Times vs Justice Thomas
* Go Navy ... beefy download ...
* Coulter - "Liberals Love America Like O.J. Loved Nicole"
* Camera + mail
* Pro-Life and Pro-Death(penalty) ... discussion ...
* A comment or two on Social Security ... by a Dem, but one who is able to make logical decisions :)
* MS - public beta of their Anti-SpyWare tool ... they make you jump through some "Is my Windows a REAL copy" hoops first :( ... I have DLed it but have not installed it yet.
* Modix HD-3510: The USB hard drive box becomes a DVD player
* The US isn’t doing enough for Iraq’s Christians
* Finding other worlds
* QDR time ... Quadrennial Defense Review

* New OOTS! ... puppets can't join pantheons? Don't make me call the puppet ACLU!
* Vinyl platter HDDs
* Palestinians rise up against Richard Gere
* Canada requires nurses to be bilingual
* Osama, Salman Rushdie found hiding in same cave
* Yushchenko develops super powers
* Video reveals Bin Laden baffled by US anti-terror strategy
* DHS warns of Tripod attacks
* Suggestion for J.Lo's album - 'Total Crap'
* Bush Diary – the soonami; my new year’s rezolushon
* Power Struggle between B-Man and The Chancellor
* Caught sleeping at work?
* Courtroom people-watching

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Quote of the Day
Rambo: Have you guys heard about the latest pirate film?
Rambo: It's rated Arrrr
Nurple: Rambo, please die
thanks BASH!

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