First Work Day of the New Year

Again - I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $13,114,092.82 to date!

I have just heard that BearingPoint has lost one of our employees over in Iraq - Tracy Hushin, as well as a sub-contractor and a security officer, were killed while taking part in the Iraq reconstruction. Condolences and Prayers to Tracy's family, friends and coworkers.

* Iraq: Suicide Car Bomb targets Allawi's HQ ... 2 killed ... UPDATE(?): 3 killed ... and another car bomb ... and 3rd bomb : 16 killed at checkpoint in Iraq ... condolences for them and prayers to their family, friends and brothers-in-arms
* Earthquake: Excellent Read on 'politicizing the tsunami' ... and the official death toll now at 155k ... sadly, I haven't heard anything refuting the Red Cross's fear that India alone will hit 1M ... and tsunami pix ... (Ofoto registration req'd) ... and Bush to Name Ex-Presidents Bush, Clinton to Asia Relief Effort ... and Sandra Bullock donates $1M ... also donated $1M after 9/11
* Afghanistan: GI Killed ... 2nd in two days; condolences for them and prayers to their family, friends and brothers-in-arms
* Students can get an abortion, and the school CANNOT even tell the parents ... What?? Schools can't even give aspirin w/o permission! Found via Josh Ferguson
* Kuwait's Information Minister quits ... only mentioning this because of why he is quitting. He is (was) about to be grilled for such terrible things as allowing western influences (e.g. - 'pop music') into Kuwait, i.e. - for not enforcing censorship. Very disheartening, and an example of things the Muslim world (in general) is wrong about. (Not that I am a big fan of 'pop music', but that is a different story :) ) ... on the plus side - Kuwait busts some Anti-US conspirators

* Secret meeting to save Kofi and the UN? ... let's have a not-so-secret meeting to disband it, and arrest Kofi ... criminal malfeasance or something ... Kofi/UN update - new CoS announced * Iraq: To vote, or not to vote? ... and more here (from inside Iraq) ... and more here (poll results)
* Peruvian rebels lay down their weapons
* Stocks up, Oil down ... Oil still ~$12/barrel too high ... UPDATE: Oil still down, but stocks down as well
* The next Pope?
* Dems considering "torture road show" during AG confirmation hearings ... re-directed bashing? ... endangering our troops for their political advancement? ... and some Republicans getting in on the bashing too ... UPDATE: Gonzalez defending himself
* Fire at hazardous-waste incineration plant in Arkansas
* Philly-London flight diverted ... no details yet
* More on Kerry's possibly running again ... and I still doubt Hillary would let him do it :P
* Zero Tolerance is much more effective than Gun Control ... murder rates sinking nationwide
* Earthquake: Fishers cannot sell their fish ... customers afraid the fish have been nibbling on the dead, which of course, they may have been ... "But people shouldn't worry. It's like eating pork. Pigs eat all the rubbish. But we eat pork, don't we?"
* First Black Female elected to Congress has passed away
* Roads just a bit slippery in Cali
* US to import beef from Canada in spite of recent, confirmed case of Mad Cow
* Delta to slash prices ~60% ... and cut back on inconvenient restrictions? ... that won't help other Airlines, like United, whose Pilots' Union ... to take the airline out of business?
* 89 yr old beats her 88 yr old husband to death ... gotta watch out for older women ...

* One Year on Mars
* eBay is dropping MS's Passport service
* Obvious: Fast Food Linked to Obesity, Diabetes
* Want a job @ Google? ... how does 14 interviews sound?
* Hospitals to drop fast food from Food Courts? ... about time, unless they like the 'job security' that is
* Kite Power? ... while nuclear works just fine, a 5-mile-radius wheel of kites ("laddermill") is highly amusing!
* Maskin - peel-able (car) paint! ... Bond, James Bond ...
* Christianity to be made illegal? ... found via Cao's blog
* The State of Blogging ... readership up 58%
* More on rabies survival ... exclusive club forming (2 members so far :) )
* New CPU from AMD - Alchemy ... "low-power, high-performance, system-on-chip solution"
* In Michigan, Drunk Driving can be overlooked ... as long as you play for the Lions, that is.
* 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes of 2004
* Tasteless Chick-Fil-A ad? ... and they are closed on Sundays!
* New NRA leader ... Malkin - "Meet Sandy Froman, Berkeley-raised graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School, scrapbooking enthusiast, avid marksman"
* Waves of Destruction ... tsunami info, picts, etc.
* Women vs Hip Hop?
* A better calendar?
* Anatomy of a spy satellite
* IBM's sales of it's PC division = just unloading the garbage?
* Feminine Hygiene products save Marines
* More on the shenanigans in Wash State election
* Leftist Drivel: Kerry actually won Ohio

* New OOTS! ... clerics don't get enough skill points, and side quests suck.
* Bush hires temp as DHS Sec
* Library closes last vertical file in America
* Target offers nagging service ... "virtual wife?"
* Republicans set sights on Dictionary
* Bush - "God is a clear and present danger" ... "President Bush made a rare visit to Washington" ... "Special Committee for the Prevention of Random Acts of God" ...hahahah, too funny!
* Americans Vote 'O Canada!' Worst National Anthem
* Whoville issues warrant for Grinch
* The Future is Boring?
* True: Accurate meteorologists get fired ... maybe that's why the weather forecast is always wrong?
* A Tribute to the Nice Guys
* Just redefine morality, duh ... is this funny, or sad-but-true?

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Quote of the Day
"One could lose every single battle in a war, and still win, if one could get the enemy's populace to grow sick of the war and simply want it over."
Thanks TigerHawk

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