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* Earthquake: Orphaned survivors being targeted by criminals ... pedophiles, child traffickers, other scum ... on a positive note - Schumacher donates $10M ... of his $80M/yr earnings ... and Buddhists sell a temple to raise ~$500k ... and Saudi raises aid package to $30M ... and Australia up aid package to a total of $810M ... they are now "in the lead" ... Germany stepped up to $670M, over multiple years UN ready to mess-uptake-over tsunami aid delivery ... maybe this time they can do it without funneling Billions to terrorists?
* Iraq: Bombs kill 22 ... 20 of those were at a Iraqi Police-training graduation ceremony ... 90 killed in 4 days!
* Stop the ACLU
* N. Korea Issues Guidelines for War With US ... published in 04/04 ... and they would torture their own people ("underground bunkers with weapons, food and portraits of leader Kim Jong Il")
* More on Delta
* Is your boss 'watching you' via GPS? ... and remember - your rental car company may be :)
* ISS -1 Oxygen generator ... forced to rely on backup. Note - when you are 'relying on your backup', it isn't your backup anymore ... and if their backup fails they have enough Oxygen to last 7-10 days
* Afghanistan: 5 killed in fire-fight
* Three storm systems converging on the US? ... all I want is some snow to drive my Jeep around in, dangit! 60 degrees (in January, in Virginia) is nice and all, but I want SNOW! ... although - Alaska gets up to 50 degrees so I guess I am outa luck, for now ... I think Chicago is getting all my snow :(
* Feds looking for 'middle eastern' man who was reportedly trying to buy explosives
* Iraq: Infested by 20k-30k terrorists, but still expects an end to violence w/i a year
* Boston gang ties to al-Qaeda?
* Va teacher busted for being indecent
* Marine, who was AWOL, then kidnapped, then killed, then kidnapped, then AWOL again ... is now AWOL (and hiding in a non-extradition country) ... WHY would we let him out on bail???
* Iraq: Syria more involved than previously thought?

* Malkin's thoughts on lasers, airplanes and the Patriot Act
* Magnetic fields, nebulae
* Transmeta to stop making chips?
* Malkin - US Military, a force for GOOD
* Proof(?) - al-Jazeera is a crony for terrorists
* Thoughts on Y2k ... the non-disaster, and why it never happened
* More on Social inSecurity
* Asus introduces sweet-looking CPU Cooler
* More wheels on Mars?
* Jesse Jackson's compared Arafat to Washington, Mandela & Moses ... crazy!
* RBOCs fighting broadband
* Some Dems protesting the Electoral Vote count from Bush's victory? ... way to look forward ...
* Employee internet behavior
* Terrorists are like a virus
* RePost: Graphical Display of How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent
* Malkin - In defense of Daniel Pipes
* Einstein & Newton both had a 'annus mirabilis'
* The Mesicopter? ... not updated since 5/18/99 so apparently it has been dropped, but still interesting!
* Dog Toy tests
* A different kind if Apache - White Box's 912 ... not the Helicopter, not the web server - its a robot-thingie
* Sirius to roll out video service in 2006?
* Good Summary of Wash State debacle ... Gregoire is 'damned if she does, damned if she doesn't' ... and more here from the CFG ... and yet more, from SP
* Jeb in '08, '12?
* Wish-List for Bush
* Mark Cuban - still dumb?
* Motorola bringing us the clothes of the future?
* A Marine you should know ... Sergeant Hancock - sniper, police officer
* Explosions in space ... 01/06/05 = more here
* Robots and Robots

* D&D Club dissolves ... fitting end? (Thanks Eddie!)
* To Shiv or to Shank?
* Ashlee Simpson gets booed!
* Krispy Kreme diversifying into French Fries
* Steinbrenner's wallet tests positive for steroids
* Not BushHitler - Bush the Hun
* Ad Blooper - Quality is job one
Rumsfeld holds pep rally for insurgents
* Flashback: Russia - Zero Tolerance for Terrorists, Hostages
* National Hockey League TV Ratings Lowest Ever
* Bills now wishing they hadn’t rested their starters for season finale
* Global shortage predicted as tsunami wipes out dozens of Walmart factories
* World media reaches consensus on pronunciation of Phuket, Thailand
* Baby: Balloons still good
* One hot white chick injured in tsunami disasters
* Disneyland Unsuitable for Children
* Michael Jackson's upcoming "tattle tale" defense
* Yoko Ono appointed spokesperson for new chemical castration drug
* Bill Gates' psychiatrist working round the clock to save humanity
* Neighborhood Assault Vehicle

Quote of the Day
PsYko: u know whats better than 1 sub? 2 subs
Sig|lap: and do you know whats better than that?
Sig|lap: 2 subs with cookies
Rizel: what about 3 subs a cookie and a cold beer
zappp: i'll see your 3 cookies and raise you 1 coke
Virar: i fold
PsYko: hit me
* wot punches PsYko
thanks BASH

PS - Happy 36th Birthday to Marilyn Manson!

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