I did not have sexual relations with that woman

Quick Thoughts
* Today, 1998 : William Jefferson Clinton (aka Slick Willy, aka Teflon Billy) lied to everyone by saying "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" ... thus ensuring his Legacy
* Don't forget to support our troops, (cough) if you are allowed to

* Marine Helo down, and other violence ... UPDATE: 31 killed in Helo crash, believed to all be US Marines, and 5 other US troops killed elsewhere ... condolences and prayers for/to all of them!!
* China's economy +9.5%!
* Boston terror threat a hoax ... methinks someone is going to jail :)
* Deficit will hit (record) $427B ... "still on track to halve it by 2009"
* Voter fraud in St Louis as well?
* Bush administration paid another columnist (~$21k) for support!? ... that is bad ... and excellent thoughts from Malkin ... and RedState has a thought or two as well
* It is Wictory Wednesday! ... "Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) has been one of the most steadfast members of the Senate Republican leadership. But he’s facing a tough re-election battle ..."
* Condi Confirmed!
* LA Train derails, 10 killed

* Must See : Pro-Iraqi-Election video clip / commercial ... thankfully, with subtitles ... found via Nickie Goomba
* al Zarqawi lies ... naturally he lies, he is losing ground and desperate
* The Democrat agenda to suppress the masses
* The Few, the Proud ... a poem from the US Armed Forces to the Protesters
* Chimps have a sense of justice?
* Mark Levin reviews Hillary's statements ... found via MarkLevinFan
* From the US PTO is stupid file : McAfee has received a patent for a software firewall ... does the phrase 'previous art' not matter anymore?
* Restore Windows in 30 seconds? ... Radix Protector, USB or PCI,
* Who is the only living Senator to be a former Clan (KKK) member? ... answer, and some interesting talking points ... (check the Day by Day article a few posts down my page :) )
* More thoughts on the Grocery Bag Tax
* RIP : Common Sense
* The GAO's report (.PDF) on federal programs at 'high risk' due to fraud
* Competing views/approaches to external storage
* Opera feeling lonely at the bottom?
* The 'Ultimate Boot CD' ... updated version ...
* GlobalTerrorAlert's report (.PDF) on Iraq's foreign fighters ... found via Counterterrorism Blog
* XM + Sirius? ... or guess not!

* Ashcroft found in Kidman's bushes
* Spongebob-fueled gay epidemic seizes America
* US children still traumatized by exposure (aka the "Super Bowl XXXVIII tragedy")
* Pirates not hurt by P2P
* Bad Weatherman ... wow, someone should have mercy-stopped him ...
* Relationship beats Q2 expectations!
* Angels change name (again)
* TMNT Underoos inspire jihad
* al Zarqawi : "Democracy is just plain wacky" and "Taco Bell is Satan"
* Hillary panders : "I am Pro-Chife"
* Protest one person short of success
* U.S., U.K. join together in "Axis Of Good Kind Of Evil"
* Sadly, that is not a valid way of avoiding taxes
* NetFlix, so you never have to leave your house again!
* White Trash Wednesday

Quote of the Day
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