Quick Thoughts
* When our weatherpeople say 6-9" of snow, what they REALLY mean is 2-3" ... at 01:00 Sunday am the highways were perfectly clear, and even secondary/tertiary streets IN DC were easily passable by any car (let alone my sweet Jeep). And Boston is supposedly getting 3' (update: heard some parts of Mass. got 40")!

* Johnny Carson has passed away
* OBL now worth $50M cash-money
* al-Zarqawi - "Democracy is a lie" ... let's put $50M on his head as well ... and a few thoughts from within Iraq
* NEVER FORGET: 43 MILLION LOST LIVES ... 32nd anniversary of Roe v Wade ... also Pro-Choice? Read this. ... thanks to MVRWC!
* Wash State - Gubernatorial election results challenged, by Republicans ... mean old Republicans, trying to stop the Dems from (literally) stealing an election ... and did you know that 129 felons illegally voted ...(PS - margin of stolen victory was 129 ... interesting 'coincidence', eh?)

* Great tit-for-tat n Social inSecurity reform ... and Sowell has some comments as well
* Iraq: Prayer request
* Death Penalty - the system works!
* Hydrogen - not so clean for fuel use?
* Play 'any' NES game via your browser! ... no sound ...
* Politics - Lies & Money?
* A thought on racial profiling
* Find 'any' sound you are looking for
* "When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny" ... and some other great quotes!
* Hypocrisy in the Govt? ...and the hypocritic oath
* Useful Idiots?

* True: Evil Women deletes ex-boyfriend's online game info ... now, THAT IS JUST WRONG!
* True: Big Guns are cool!

Quote of the Day
George Bush wins again
Hippies pout like large babies
Like we really care
thanks O4Tom!

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