Iraqi Vote Day!

Iraqi Vote Day
* Voter turnout 70+% ... with all of the threats, and the (only) dozens of attacks, they still manage to have a higher turnout (percentage-wise) than the US has EVER had (our best was 63% in 1960). Some precincts hit 95% turnout! Major win for Iraq, for Freedom, and for the US/Bush. Big lose for the terrorists/insurgents, Kerry, Dean, the rest of the Democrat-pessimists, France/Germany/Russia ... and all of the dictatorships surrounding Iraq.
* FOXNEWS had a special wherein Shep Smith walked through one of Saddam's palaces. The above ground part was estimated to have cost $1B dollars. Oh, and the MILES of tunnels, bunkers, decontamination chambers, food storage, etc. beneath it dwarfs that $1B cost. All of this was built after the First Persian Gulf War ... while sanctions were imposed. You can thank the UN's Oil for Food fiasco (and Kofi, and Kojo) for this happening while people in Iraq were starving (or being executed).
* Weather : pummeling the South-East; 80k still without power. Here in VA we got some snow and some ice, and some incompetent drivers causing accidents. Bus crashes into parked tractor-trailer in New York, kills several. Condolences to all of those lost, and prayers for the injured!

* Iraq: More on the vote! ... and more excellent thoughts here!
* Iraq: British C130 plane crashes ... details pending ...
* US - infantile AIDS?
* Russian spies all over the US?
* Sharon, Abbas to meet
* 75yr old SC women tasered?

* Glaciers shrinking?
* Firefox 1.1 delayed ... 'cuz Google stole their developers?
* Gmail tips .. and I still have invites left!
* Blind art?
* LSD art?
* Thoughts on Terry Turner

* ... not today!

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