January 12th - World Relief Day

From CQ, January 12th is World Relief Day
... January 12th World Relief Day ... donate their take-home pay for January 12th to the tsunami relief effort at World Vision. We can show what a handful of determined private individuals can do to help. If you can't afford to donate all of your take-home pay for that day, please donate what you can ... found via CQ, link/pic above :) ... (FWIW - I gave through the ARC, where my employer would match 100% of my donation)

Quick Thoughts
* Being a ClickWhore I have signed up for BlogClicker in addition to BlogExplosion ... if you want mo' traffic sign up. And use these links, so am your 'referrer' :).

* 99.1 HFS is now a Spanish-language radio channel?? No more Sports' Junkies?? Aaaaaaah. My mornings may never recover.

* Iraq: 3 Iraq's killed in convoy attack
* Weather: Cali mudslide death toll rises to 10
* Sudan +Polio
* WorldCom settlement challenged
* Diet & Cancer, linked? ... red meat bad for you (pfft)
* Sub sustained more damage than announced? ... half of the crew injured?
* Germany nabs 14 terror suspects
* Trade Gap Hits Record High in November
* Is your Gmail being intercepted? ... and if you need an invite, let me know!
* Earthquake: Indonesian Govt getting in the way of aid? ... and more here ... "Marines distributing food and water to them will NOT be permitted to carry their weapons to defend themselves, should radical Islamicists attempt to kill or kidnap them" ...WHAT???
* 'Hacker' breaches TMobile ... US Secret Service agent communications intercepted
* Iraq: US abandons WMD search
* Powell : UN must be held accountable ... even better : US drops out of the UN altogether
* Don King sues ESPN for $2.5B ... he should be sued for his hair ...
* Weather: Chicago +Lightning Storm
* Your everyday 50 car pileup ... on I96 in Michigan
* Flight sent back to UK ... 'no fly' passenger on board
* Police can track your GPS WITHOUT a warrant!

* The future - Google GRID, MS Newbotster, GoogleZon, Epic ... wow, quite interesting ... all flash presentation of 'the techno-future', up through the death of the New York Times in 2014 ... that alone makes it worhtwhile! :)
* Introducing the Jeep Hurricane ... it has TWO HEMI's :) ... "670 horsepower, and offer 740 foot-pounds of torque. It has 14 inches of ground clearance, and does 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds."
* Largest stars ever found
* Windows (or any PC, really) Emergency Triage Kit
* JPG compression 30%
* RadShields for Astronauts
* Planet being dessicated?
* Boy gets his wish - 130k Christmas Cards
* Stop the press - Bradifer might pull through
* SpellChecker for Firefox!
* NT4.0 support going bye-bye
* US had a $1B Federal Surplus last year?
* Thoughts on filibusters, and Wash-State
* Some thoughts on Iraq
* " How many jobs has the United States lost to China between the years 1989 and 2003?"
* Big bang sound waves explain galaxy clustering
* Some thoughts on infant mortality
* New Symbian virus issues
* Large mammals ate dino's?
* Federal Sentencing rules getting the hatchet?
* Need Money? Sell your grandchildren ... or maybe not.
* Clerks sequel in the works? ... that would be sweet!
* Thatcher pleas guilty in coup attempt
* Airbus gets state aid ... :( ...
* Deep Impact takes off
* Dems plan on being obstructionist ... is that really anything new?
* Did Ali G mangle the Star Spangled Banner?
* What makes a man smell, well, like a man?
* Leapfrog pen! ... a talking, computerized pen that can translate words into other languages, or help with math and spelling homework ... SWEET! (I never had cool toys like this!)
* MP3 goes 5.1 channel ... backwards compatible, minimal file size growth ...
* Russia +AIDS
* Next year's 'to watch' cars
* Simultaneous release of movies into theaters, onto DVD, onto the Net?
* School administrators can't figure out why math scores are declining ... but tis obvious to everyone else
* Why is Michael a Republican?
* Arnold on a roll
* The Diplomad lambastes the UN
* A nice, aggressive Federal Budget?

* NSFW?: Dirty Monkey Pix
* True: Drunk Freighter Captain
* True: Angry at your cel provider? Don't do this :)
... more coming ...

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... and check the July 9th is Buy a Gun Day link too!!

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