Just say no ... to the UN

Again - I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $15,170,447.00 to date! (not going up as fast as before - keep giving people, remember that there are months of aid-related work left!) ... FWIW - US Corporations are up to $180M, expected to reach $750M!

Quick Thoughts
* UN Oil-for-Food-Fiasco OFFICIALLY confirmed by THEIR OWN audit; including 'senior level' UN management willfully ignoring signs and warning of fraud. The phrases gross mismanagement, criminal malfeasance, and abject failure come to mind. And this is who the US is handing over the management of the tsunami aid delivery to ... great. Read this as well, for some thoughts on UN + France
* Psuedo-unrelated note - UN also over-payed $5B (yes, that's a B) via the UNCC. Super!
* The weather is all crazy. Coastal Cali +MORE rain, Tahoe +MORE snow, Florida +1 sinkhole, Banda Aceh +1 earthquake(6.2), Sri Lanka +1 typhoon (possibly) ... and VA is still getting up to the 50s-60s, so NO SNOW :(.

* Some 'critical' IE bugs
* Iraq: US accidentally bombs a house ... 5 killed
* Palestine: President Abbas
* Sudan: Peace for Sudan?
* Commenting for cash ... drop a comment, and $1 in aid gets sent to South East Asia ... easy!
* Imagine receiving 100% of your paycheck!

* His name is Jim, and he needs a kidney
* Google finds Web-Cams!
* Trucker steals 3.6M Nickels ... that's a heavy way to make $180k!
* Bezos on the future, and stuff
* 2TB Mu-Card ... yes, 2 TB!
* Tin Whiskers - the next Y2K problem?
* United closer to deal with Attendants Union
* Rats show language skills?
* Google-Image-Search-Results converted in ASCII automatically
* Moore getting an award? ... sadly, not Loser of the Year - which would be MUCH MORE APPROPRIATE ... and what Moore really think of poor people
* Hitler was a socialist
* Zinn needs duck-tape
* Some random thoughts
* Fiscal responsibility coming to a US near you? ... about time :) ... related:* Bush appoints Tax Reform Commission
* Which nation on the American continent is transforming itself into a communist (and totalitarian) country right in front of our eyes?

* New RVB ... available for us cool sponsors now, for the lesser mortals later :P
* TRUE: Houston - the fattest city in the US
* True: Boxer sheds a tear for her wasted career

Riley and I have both survived our Daddy-Babysitting-Solo event, and no major injuries or lasting emotional damage to either of us :)

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