No More HFS

Quick Thoughts
* As I briefly mentioned yesterday - 99.1 HFS, as we knew it previously, died @ 10am (not noon) yesterday. Instead of being the DC-metro area's 'alternative rock' station it is now a Spanish-language music station. Not anything wrong with that per se, but HFS has been an institution for years (I assume the long-lived HFStival is dead as well). The worst part about this - no more Sports Junkies, and although I rarely got to listen to it I will also miss Loveline :( ). Junkies post a quick "We'll be back" ... with the requisite Terminator pic :P.
* Not to complain again about the distinct lack of snow here - but why is Northern Virginia going to be in the 70s today? Parts of Montana will not get UP TO 0 Degrees until next week, some town out west has no power and temperatures reaching -50 ... and here I will be putting my top down for the ride home (as long as the rain holds off, that is)

* Not that anyone cares, but I am using Firefox as my ONLY browser. For a long time I was dual-browsing ... no more. Firefox has impressed me enough to kick IE to the curb! (and I found a spell-checker extension too :) ).

* Earthquake: Indonesia Death Toll up to 200k+ ... still waiting for something that says it isn't going to hit 1M in one country (India) alone! (Sadly, Indonesia's updated toll brings overall total up to 272k)
* Amber Alert issued in OK, scroller to the right (or click here)
* Iraq: Powell : Troops might start leaving this year ... meanwhile gunmen kill 6, and kidnap a Turkish man ... condolences to those killed, and prayers for a safe release of the kidnapee
* Weather: Your everyday 200 car pileup (in Michigan) ... sadly, 2 dead (and another person died in a 20 car pileup in Indiana) ... I have lots of family up there and hope everyone is OK!
* Russia selling missile to Syria?
* Canada about to start culling the herd ... literally ... (trying to stop/contain their little mad cow problem)
* Baseball to (finally) be drug free?
* DRM trojan ... as if DRM wasn't bad enough all by itself ...
* Weather: Nevada, Arizona, Utah suffer same rains that killed 10 in Cali
* FBI blow $500M on failed SW development effort ... no " Virtual Case File" for you!
* Iraq: al-Sistani Rep + 5 other killed ... condolences for them!
* More on the Trade Deficit ... and remember, Trade Deficit != Budget Deficit!
* Iraq: Baghdad election center director killed
* Oil up to $48/b ... sad & bad ...
* Weather: Venice running dry

* Cool Iraq Pix & story ... found via LongTimeGone ... also has links to two excellent Iraq-centric/based blogs, here and here
* More thoughts on Kid Rock & Inaugurations ... again, while I like some of his music I don't think he should perform @ the Inauguration ...
* Soros group to give 'unlimited funds' to Dems?
* Weather: Malkin comments on the mudslides, and the victims thereof
* Opera free to Universities ... $1 was too much ... feeling the fire(fox)?
* Cisco buys Airspace ... enterprise WiFi ...
* VMWare rolls-out 'software in a can'
* Genetic Morse Code used to switch genes on & off?
* "Can you name a modern non-Muslim country that uses it's police to raid a Jewish school with the specific purpose of terrifying and alienating it's students and community at large?"
* Machines Rising Up : flaming DVDs this time
* Salt is everywhere ... the recent tsunami appears to have 'poisoned' the local aquifer, rendering wells unusable!
* Ever wonder what (literally) your time is worth? Check the salary clock! ... your earnings per second :) ...
* Teaching + IT = ____ ?
* Bats killing Peruvian kids ... 2300 bites! ... " Bat bite cases are appearing nearly every day, he said, adding that most attacks occur while people are asleep at night. Symptoms include fever, muscular pains, convulsions and death."
* Is the 'West' morally superior? * Donnie Darko Director's Cut being released in Feb
* Mini-Google Appliance ... to get the price below $32k :)
* Progressive Auto Insurance not so progressive? ... questionable financing of 'front groups'
* Social inSecurity dialogue going downhill? ... I don't see how this could happen,with the Dems vowing to be obstructionist and all ...
* More thought son foreign involvement in Iraq ... "the Saudi government is useless"
* Some thoughts on the 2nd Amendment
* Quantum Astronomy Double-Slit?
* Earthquake, the movie?
* Some funny cartoons Hillary, Kofi
* Look inside the birth of a start
* Airwave/frequency regulation bunging everything up?
* "Lifestyle Center" Rats just doesn't have the same ring ... malls getting 'renamed'?
* Seargant goes AWOL instead of re-deploying to Iraq ... justified court martial ensues
* A Cosmic Ray 'spring'
* Offshore gambling via the Isle of Man
* A few gadgets from CES2005 ... including a 102" TV (1920x1080 progressive scan) ... and a cool 'fake room' ... :)
* Ever wonder which companies are investing in Spyware?
* BitTorrent, eXeem, Meta-Torrent, Podcasting: "What? So What?"
* An hour of DVD w// a cassette?
* The Rasterbater ... get your mind out of the gutter; it enables billboard size printings of your pix!
* Beavis can drive a Fuel Tanker? ... arsonists yes, murderers no. What?
* Shutdown libraries?
* Remove Term Limits?
* Internet Black Widow ... old woman, after your pension
* Google losing ground ... and did you catch the "EPIC" mini-movie from yesterday?
* Titan getting a visitor ... "Huygens Probe"
* Space launches are making kids sick? ... hydrazine the culprit

* New OOTS! ... shoulda stuck with a pony
* True: Prince Harry wears Nazi costume to party ... not so bright ...
* True: Introducing the iGrill! ... Foreman Grill + PC, all in one!
* True!: Girls = Evil ... oldie but goodie ...
* True?: "European Union" translate into German" ...
* Bush accuses Saddam of telling truth
* Racism put aside to make a better burger
* Yo momma so ___ ... insults for NetHack ... "Yo mommas so stupid she thinks cockatrice is another word for a three way"
* NASA to use Yugos to deflect asteroids
* Anti-Racism laws cause Racism to mutate into stronger form ... law resistant strain ...
* Racial Harmony achieved by casting Black Computer Wiz
*Song parody Have Fun with Encryption ... to the tune of 'Walk Like an Egyptian'
* Bush Praises Palestinians For Electing "Somewhat Pronounceable" Leader with Mahmoud Abbas
* Dean : Dems must pass torch to new generation of losers
* Warrant Issued for Michael Moore on Accusations of Treason
* Bush Named Humanitarian Disaster of the Year
* Marlboro Cancels ‘Kiddarettes’ Program
* Don King sues himself over documentary
* Baby: I Love Bologna-Magnet, It Loves Fridge
* Brad Pitt Leaves Jennifer Aniston, Moves in With Colin Farrell
* U.S. Pledges $350 Million and Magical Unicorns for Tsunami Relief
* Sad: Want to be a whiny loser? ... I heard one of the organizers of the "turn your back on Bush' on the radio this AM, and she said there are "literally thousands" of people upset about Bush winning. "Literally Thousands"?? That doesn't sound like a problem to me, or is she just that dumb?
* More on Lemonade
*Stupid/True: Parents abuse their child by naming the child Yahoo ... beat-downs to ensue ...
* Bees, Silk, Spiders
* Photoshop: Goofus & Gallant
* True: Dirty Harry will shoot Moore
* Is your son a hacker?

Quotes of the Day
*Monsoon: They could make a TV show about IRC. Call it "American Idle"
thanks BASH!

*I'm so miserable without you, it's almost like you're here.
that & more @ Another Day, another play

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