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* Have a great weekend everybody, just make it through today!
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* Baby Jordan got a heart! ... prayers for a speedy, solid recovery and our condolences to the donor, but a sincere thanks for opting to donate organs!
* Iraq: al Zarqawi -2 'close associates' ... (other sources say 'top lieutenants')
* Your Lexus, +1 Virus!
* PG buying Gillette for ~$57B ... making the world's largest consumer products co. ... and Buffet makes $630M off of this
* Amber Alert in Indiana
* Hamas wins local election in Gaza strip ... that is NOT GOOD ...
* Saudi flip-flops, supports high prices ... when capitalism goes too far ... and why we need to reduce/eliminate our foreign oil addiction (or, atleast take enough measures towards that goal to make it a feasible threat to their economy)
* US vs Mexico ... we say Mexico is dangerous, they whine
* 16yr old girl in Illinois dismembers another girl ... being charged as an adult (good!)
* You don't need to exercise, you just need to move around a bit more? ... I am thinking the exercise definitely helps ... hey - it even has an acronym - 'NEAT' ... non-exercise activity thermogenesis ... still thinking the exercise would be good for you ...
* DHS going to merit based pay system ... imagine that, let capitalism actually work in the government! (and a thought on how DHS is still not doing its primary job 100% yet)
* Iraq: Thoughts on the upcoming election, media bias
* Goat in France has Mad Cow?
* 'Mafia don' = informant
* Cosmetic implant causes vCJD?
* Explicit evidence to be used against Pedophile-Jackson

* "More 9/11's are necessary" ... what?? Ward Churchill is hereby officially asked to leave my country, and even better - to leave my planet. I'd settle for him being (cough)'asked' to leave the school he teaches at! ... thanks Randy!
* Some thoughts on dhimmitude
* Pic of the nuclear sub that had an undersea collision back on Jan08
* Rentable cleavage ... where else, eBay!
* MadTech's Friday Rant ... excellent, as always!
* US Supreme Court says "Deport them"
* Absentee Legislators ... they should be forced to payback for the time they were not at work, just like us plebeians! ... found via KerryHaters
* More thoughts on ESCR, Human equality
* FBI to 'reach deeper' inside the US
* Interesting SFF PC
* Stan Lee wins lawsuit, loses mind? ... Ringo to be super hero, ability = "defeating evil by hooking up with three extremely powerful superheroes, then just standing around while they do all the work" ... hahahha!
* The ONLY TIME you should ever POSSIBLY listen to Air America ... PWL blogger will be on; 12:45CST today
* Some thoughts, questions on Social inSecurity
* The Audubon Society permits drilling in (atleast) one of its sanctuaries .. so why can't ANWR be open??
* Need an Anonymous mail to be sent? ... IMHO they should enable HTTPS, so your session with them is encrypted
* More on Pluto & Charon
* Need your Star Wars fix? Here are the Roll-Ups (including SWEPIII)
* 5 years worth of BoingBoing, ready for DL
* Autonomous rolling security
* Intel's VIIV patent
* Battery Life extender? ... not so sure this is real ...
* Supernovae makes magnetic stars
* Clinton(s) to block Dean as DNC lead? ... the more in-fighting the better!
* Cisco hit by trio of bugs ... BGP, MPLS, IPv6 targeted ...
* Endangered Gizmos list
* Google searching for ... meaning?
* Arctic Hole

* Sir Peter Maxwell ... hilarious site ... read any/all of the articles. Now! Go on, move along ... Seriously, I don't mind. (I know you'll be back!)
* Iraqis bitterly divided over Oscar nominations
* An AD you will NOT see on TV this year ... from Budweiser, King of Commercials ... found via WyckedOne
* Harvard to offer Home-Ec degrees
* Global warming caused by increased activity in Hell
* Star Jones Cuts Ties with Legal Career to Spend More Time with Food
* North Korea says it's ready treat U.S. as a friend
* 2005 Shaping Up to Be Another Sucky Year
* Johnny Carson to continue writing for David Letterman
* Interview ... d20 sucks & girls ruin D&D, Cobra has built a Weather Dominator

Quotes of the Day
GEICO Saves 15 Percent Or More By Discontinuing Advertising
thanks TheOnion!

mel: 10 Think about sex
mel: 20 Goto 10
thanks Bash!

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