Remeber the CIA day

Quick Thoughts
* 12 years ago today a lone gunman, armed with a rifle, killed 2 CIA employees outside its headquarters. 3 others were injured.
* Aww, poor Mikey - no Oscar nominations for Moore's FableF9/11

* Infant in need of a heart transplant ... please pray for him! And if you know of a 'donor' within 4-7 hours of NY please connect them! (as a recent father, with heart-related problems a *serious* possibility for our baby, I can barely imagine what they are going through)
* Iraq: Insurgents kill 'high ranking' Iraqi Judicial Ministry official ... and his bodyguard, condolences for them and prayers for their family, friends and country!
* SEC charges Penthouse with poor tastefraud
* 150 killed in 'human stampede' (India)
* Immigrant smuggling plane forced to land (Texas)
* Iraq: Iraqi's torturing Iraqi's? ... that is not the way to win hearts and minds!
* Islam : the religion of peace? ... or just being overrun by militants / fanatics? (atleast from a publicity perspective)
* Britons detained @ Gitmo suing US for £30M
* Hillary continues positioning ('transforming') herself for '08 : comes out pro and against abortion
* 'Illegal wall' blocked Firefighters' escape, 2 die ... whoever built that wall should be held accountable! Condolences to their family & friends (and coworkers).
* Super-Skimpy prom dresses? ... hopefully we will recover our sanity before Riley turns 18 :P
* Annan grilled for Oil-for-Food Fiasco
* Welcome to Auschwitz
* Kennedy picks up Boxer's broken torch in persecuting Rice
* Stocks finally spring upward

* Jihad for kids ... "peace will come to the Middle-East ONLY when the Palestinians begin to love their children MORE than they hate Jews" ... seriously, read this post - the whole thing - and understand what the world (not just the US0 is up against!
* The Govenator 'gets it'! ... "the public sector is a 'monster' that needs to be 'starved'" ... "Taking money out of the private sector is a no-no" ... great to see a politician doing the right thing!
* Every PC user should go here and see how securely their machine really is
* Gates drops $750M for infant vaccinations! ... this is why we should 'let' people be successful; charity beats taxation every time!
* The Pentagon IS making a new spy team
* Meet your next keyboard? ... alphabetical instead of being intentionally harder to use / slower ... oh, and it only has 53 keys
* Why we forget?
* 'Good fat' can help your fat?
* Already in line for the next Star Wars? This guy is (and only 20+ weeks to go!).
* When is a friend really an enemy? ... when they are telling their people to attack you ...
* More on Zarqawi
* Some Liberals WANT the US to LOSE?
* France : a nation of depressed pessimists? ... "cradle-to-grave socialist welfare system, a health care system that lets tens of thousands of elderly drop dead when the temperature goes up a few degrees, and a military that surrenders at the drop of a hat" ... so sad. Go drink more wine.
* US economy is rolling along just fine
* Spain caves (or should I say tunnels?) even more to al Qaida?
* Weak US Dollar bad for Canada?
* ACL-Useless going after our troops?
* Boxer still on the wrong track ... from the same person who defended Clinton?? ... how is that for non-partisan politics? ... and from the comments:"Go ahead! Make an *international* laughingstock out of yourself"
* Navy, Air Force recruiters 'swamped' ... let's hope those brave 'kids' are willing to join the Army or Marines ...
* Confirm Them!
* Kerry to face new competitor in Senate/'08 ... admittedly this is a bit of a stretch, but anything to keep Kerry backpedaling!
* Ancient inbreeding lead us to be susceptible to genetic diseases
* Your very own stormtrooper armor!
* Having younger siblings cuts your risk of developing MS?
* AMD's roadmap leaked on fan-site
* Thunderbird + anti-phishing
* Overclocked Video Card!
* Your TV is getting Google'ized?
* Next Gen consoles to meet/exceed PC-quality graphics ... movie quality?
* Your libido, measured?
* Ted Turner compares FOXNEWS to Hitler ... hahahha, when you can't compete you insult! ... "Ted is understandably bitter having lost his ratings, his network and now his mind"

* CounterStrike : the movie ... where Cholup knifes Rusty, and Rusty knifes the English Language ...
* RVB#48 is out
* Bush to world : "Who's your daddy?"
* Man's death turns ordinary blizzard into Killer Blizzard
* Reason not to take public transportation
* Light-Traffic makes commuter feel Alive
* Some portions of Bush's inaugural speech that didn't quite make it to the final draft
* Kobe to miss five games due to sprained WHAT?
* Who REALLY benefits from the Tsunami Aid?

Quote of the Day
@buo: A byte walks into a bar and orders a pint. Bartender asks him "What's wrong?" Byte says "Parity error." Bartender nods and says "Yeah, I thought you looked a bit off."
thanks BASH!

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Let's see how the UN funded Suicide Bombers!

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