Quick Thoughts
* We should actually get our first (real) snow here in VA, finally! UPDATE: It is snowing now; looks like 1/2" or so ... sweet!
* Rice should (successfully) finish her confirmation hearing today!

*The Good Guys Win One! : Gitmo detainees staying right where they are ... finally, a clear-thinking judge!
* Iraq: 26 more people killed ... desperate attempts to stop the elections, and more reasons we need to proceed!
* DC +Missiles ... inauguration defenses
* Cali -1 Murderer
* Japan +1 tsunami ... 20"
* More on the Fair Tax
* Uncommon Valor, and a name we SHOULD all know - Rafael Peralta
* The TRUTH about the cop-killing marine ... its not what the MSM would lead you to believe!
* a great Social inSecurity analogy ... "Imagine that you take out a mortgage on your home that has a payment that gets incrementally larger as time goes on. Right now everything is fine in your budget ..."
* Earthquake: Death Toll tops 225k
* Spain's Catholic Church support condoms ... for AIDS prevention, not birth control
* Did you know Boxes vehemently SUPPORTED a war in Iraq?
* US Supreme Court rejects atheists anti-prayer bid ... Excellent! ... but he is trying again!!
* Rice approved by subcommittee! ... only Kerry & Boxer said no ... from RightNation:"They would have voted against Jesus had he been the Bush selectee" ... BUT bitter Dems to delay final confirmation ... acting like the 4th graders we always knew they were
* Thai airline being 'forced' to by 6 SuperJumbo planes ... guess they don't care about the STARVING PEOPLE ... (yes, I know - the negotiations started before Dec26 ... but still ...)
* Boston & Terrorism

* Device can see through walls, defeat stealth tech, disable electronic devices ... oh, and kills things
* CBS, MSM, Blogs, and The Wide Awakes!
* More on Google's Picasa
* Speaking of Google, more on their new HTML tag ... I might use it on my site so all these links don't water down my 'value' ... :) ... (rel="nofollow")
* More thoughts on Social inSecurity reform
* Speaking of Googol, er I mean Google
* Boxer misleads, Rice defends ... and Kerry still a sore loser ... Boxer vs Rice transcript here
* AMD Q4 'freaking dismal'
* Fuel drops the old F-bomb at Inaugural Youth Concert
* MLK's dream, comes true for some
* RWNH reviews David Von Drehle's attempted RedState expose
* Charges being filed soon for the anti-Republican tire slashing in Milwaukee ... may include children of current govt officials!
* Soros also ran an off-the-books anti-Bush campaign ... election violation, FEC getting involved ... couldn't happen to a (cough) nicer guy!
* Leftist Double-speak ... I actually saw the interview in question, and I like the quote from the article - "The problem isn't that Americans aren't hearing the message; the problem is that we are"
* The Left and Islamic terrorism — The match made in hell ... some thoughts on Lynne Stewart
* Ann Coulter, on Rathergate ... quotes Rather (about Clinton), "I think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things"
* Thoughts on Social inSecurity, circa 1872
* Some thoughts on Conservative women
* Mars, meet the MRO
* Beer vs cancer
* Happy Birthday Robert E. Lee
* More Fair Tax info ... thanks Jeff!

* Supreme Court to break up in Rehnquist leaves
* Some funny quotes, like : "Smoking helps you lose weight ... one lung at a time!"
* MS AntiSpyWare removes IE
* Cheney to be human billboard tomorrow
* Dems unveil plan to win back the South by 2076
* Law enforcement agencies pushing for bullet proof sleeves
* True: What are you getting your blog for Valentine's Day?
* Washing Machine vs Grenade ... keep your volume low!
* 125k bottles of whine for $100 (total) ... I am getting thirsty ...
* More from JibJab

Quote of the Day
@topsoil: The College Jeopardy winner wagered $1,337 in Final Jeopardy... seems more like the geek hero to me :)
@topsoil: I was hoping he'd come back and lose and then Alex would be like, "Sorry to say this...but you wagered $1337 and lost, which now means, *holds up sign* 'j00 4r3 n0t 1337.'"
@topsoil: Either that or Alex would just look at him and say, "pwn3d".
thanks BASH!

Click for funny pic
... found via MVRWC

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