Solo Babysitting

13:30 al-Zarqawi IS IN CUSTODY ... source:FOXNEWS ... or maybe I mis-heard that, other sources saying a "high-ranking ally" of aZ has been caught ... ?

Again - I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $14,972,760.55 to date! (not going up as fast as before - keep giving people, remember that there are months of aid-related work left!)

Quick Thoughts
* Will William Hung JUST GO AWAY? Don't get me wrong, I am glad for him - lemons into lemonade and all that ... but must he continue to torment us? (the cause for this post is that i just heard he is participating in a tsunami relief fund ... I would donate if he promised NOT to sing ...)

* Even Vegas gets snow
* Iraq: Terrorists kidnap three Iraqi officials, behead man working for U.S. military, kill at least four others ,,, wow, prayers for everyone involved!
* Rossi IS contesting the Wash State election
* Arnold redrawing Cali's voting districts?
* More on the Bush Administration's mis-use of public funds ... Malkin - "Rod Paige should be fired" ... as usual, she is right on the mark

* American Appreciation Year
* Cybernetic Prosthetics
* Thoughts on evil, darkness and cold
* Some thoughts for today's (or any day's) youth
* A though on Kofi and his (most recent) dumb statement
* Soldier loses camera, man finds camera and will return it to him - for a paltry $1000 ... some people are scum
* Some thoughts on how the UN rapessaves the world ... WHY ARE WE LETTING THE UN TAKE THE LEAD ON THIS??

* True: Caterer eviction ruins weddings
* True: A sweet WMA on Mark Levin's thoughts on Liberals ... found via Mark Levin Fan
* True!: Nuclear sub runs aground? ... oops!
* OOTS! ... no quiet armor

* 09:00 ... 1 hour of solo-babysitting done; baby dressed & fed (cereal + apple/banana mush) ... and in her excer-saucer relax (and so I can blog :P)
* 10:30 ... 1 loaded diaper, most of a 6oz bottle and baby is out cold. Winner!
* 11:30 ... she woke up, went back to sleep in my arms
* 12:45 ... woke up, drained the rest of the aforementioned bottle and back in the excer-saucer laughing & making happy faces at daddy (that's me)
* 12:50 Whoops - one of the dogs barked right next to her, apparently too much for her ... I am blogging one handed; bask in my powers! (and I see why both monsters are barking - dog on the loose outside :( )
* ... hey - and I should mention that we are spending time together and playing and whatnot; not just bouncing baby from bed to bottle and back. Although she is an eating machine!
* ... rest of day went good, over at friends playing board games and stuff. That's about it!

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